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I need advice or help (Kinda long story)


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Hello I'm kinda new to this (never posted on a forum before so forgive me). Okay so I got super bored one day and I signed up to a furry "dating", meetup, and social networking site (because I don't have any friends outside of the Internet) and I met this guy who lives nearby me (about 4 miles to be exact) he knows where I live too.. Anyways we hung out I got to learn about him cool guy very friendly we have a lot in common. A day later were texting back and fourth some "questionable" "RP" stuff and we hung out again and he wanted to "play twister" in the car (if you know what I mean) so we did. He considers me his girlfriend now even though we only hung out 2 times. I haven't logged back into that site in 2 days now because I don't feel like talking to him.. I'm not attracted to him at all and I only see him as a friend.. What do I do? Should I tell him? (I really don't want to delete my account because i've met some super awesome friends on there) and I don't want to ignore him either because he gets worried... We also kissed (I didn't like it...)


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I also think that this is a very tricky situation. I'm guessing you don't want to log in because he still wants you as your girlfriend and you probably don't want to disappoint him or hurt his feelings. This is totally understandable and very kind of you.

Sadly in my opinion by not messaging him the situation will only get worse. As you said he might start worrying etc. I think the only solution (if you still want to use the site) is to really tell him that you do not want a romantic relationship with him.

It may be a hard decision to actually write these words but in the end you will be able to use the site again and maybe even keep him as a friend. Tell him that all of this went way too quickly for you and that it was a mistake.

Also it would only be fair if he does know the truth so he knows what's the deal with the relationship between you two.

I hope that I helhel you in some way. Of course I'm available for more advice if you wish so :) Good luck!


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Yeh just let him down easy. You shouldn't shy away just because it's hard. Life is full of hard unpleasant things you have to deal with.

Just don't expect any particular result. You probably won't be friends with this person afterwards but at least you won't be pseudo enemies.

You'll feel better after when you can move forward and not think about it anymore.


I would say it is important to let him know how you feel but try to be gentle about it. I will not lie and say it is easy for a guy to be friends with someone they like. However, if he is a nice guy he will be ok with it. If not, you may have to be harsh about it.


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The best thing to do is to be upfront, you seem to be leading him on (whether you mean to or not, which in this situation is a no). If you see him as a friend, let him know you only see that out of him (Though considering you seemed fine with "Twister" in the car, Friends with Benefits can also be a thing as a compromise if you so wish, but that's up to you)

To me the worst thing you can do is leave him in the dark, cause it seems he doesn't know he's doing anything wrong. I'm the type of person who doesn't know I'm doing something wrong until someone says it to my face, I feel he needs that.

Just be honest, gentle, but firm.

Hope I helped.