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Hiring: I need an Artist's banner (budget $40~200)

The site I write my stories on will soon have an Artist's home page.

I will need a banner, and while I'm at it, I might as well use it for my Twitter page too.

I will be a "human" and I have an affinity to artists who typically animates in a comic book, video game or "children's cartoon" style; Stephen Universe, Adventure Time, The Misadventures of FlapJack, Brian Lee O'Malley, Drew Greene.

My avatars thus far, (and my god are they awesome) have been made by
SpacePupSilver (harvzilla), (paid commission)
BuizelWolf, (art trade)
Futobara, (paid commission)

It will require one or two conversations about what I need, then I'll leave you alone to do your best.
I'm not fussy about paying you before or after, but two systems I have used in the past are;

I pay half before you begin, and the other half upon receiving the finished commission, with potentially minor redos. (charge accordingly)
You begin when you wish. We talk when the commission is about 70~80% complete and I pay you in full and then you send the commission when you finish it, and I accept whatever you send.

I will look at **any** artwork, but please don't be insulted if I don't feel an affinity to your work style, I just have a strange aesthetic.

Big Hugs.


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang


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Hello I have commissions open and would love to work with you!

I have this style isn't currently on my price sheet but I feel it may match your description:


Additional examples: pamelooart.weebly.com: PAMELOO(ART)

My regular rates;





Thanks for considering, let me know if you have any questions!


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Hey ! Open for n(sfw) coms !
feel free to look at instagram.com/bonburii
I am very flexible to do other styles if you don’t want the cute look!!


Hey there! I'm pretty good at imitating cartoon styles imo, but my regular style looks like this:

Here are a few other examples of my work:

Feel free to message me here if interested, @ khroma on FA, or @khrobot on twitter! You can also find more art examples in either place.

And here's a piece I did imitating SU style, for style imitation ref: