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I Need Another Pair of Eyes for Fursuit Head


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Hello! This is the first time I have made a fursuit head. I have done other projects that are kind of part of the fursuit area, like Saytr legs, but making a head (I have found) is a lot harder than making legs. I understand that it is best to have a reference picture, but the fursuit head I am making is part of the FNaF fandom. The character I chose really doesn't have a reference. So, I have been kind of using my imagination to make the character.

mythicalmaker369.deviantart.com: First Fursuit Head Attempt

mythicalmaker369.deviantart.com: Another Picture for Fursuit Head

I have been asking my family if they can see anything wrong with it and they keep saying that it looks fine. So.. I would like some help with the rabbit fursuit head. Where does it need to improve at?

Also, I have a question. I would like the rabbit ears to bob when I nod my head or sway when I shake it. How do I do this? Or is it impossible to do that? Another question I have is, where would be the best place to attach the ears?

Thank you!


Angry Lizard King
Oh, don't bother listening to critique from your family, or even your close friends (in most cases.)
It's almost always a given that they're biased and are probably just telling you what they think will make you happy.

Now, I'm not a fursuiter, nor do I know anything about the topic, so maybe this is just my ignorance; but in my opinion it's hard to tell anything from the base alone.
I don't think you'll be able to assess the quality of your work until it's finished. A foam base always looks like a foam base, the real moment of truth will be when it's decorated.


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Okay, so I got it done. I would of got it done right in time for the convention I wanted to take it to, but I ran out of fur for the back of the head. So, the 2 week job turned into a 3 week one. Haha, I underestimated how much fur I needed, but I learned that its just best to order an extra yard if you aren't sure that you have enough...

mythicalmaker369.deviantart.com: Finished Spring Bonnie Fursuit Head

mythicalmaker369.deviantart.com: Finished Spring Bonnie Fursuit Head Quarter view

This is it, now all furred up. I will admit, I know I have this way too large. I will have to learn that if it looks perfect in the foaming, then it will look too large in the furring. :)