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I need help on backgrounds... =x


A problem of mine is that whenever I draw something, I can never get the background right.

They all look so plain and boring.
I want to break away from the Grass brush tool, but seeing that I can't draw backgrounds properly...

Observing from life and stock photos help me a bit, but not much...

Does anyone know any good background/scenery tutorials...?
Ya know... for doing cities and stuff like that? =x
I don't think drawing grasslands for backgrounds is gonna be what I wanna do forever :B

Tips would be greatly appreciated too...

And also...
Thanks in advance.


Backgrounds take years of practice to get right, it's all about perspective and straight lines molding together a constructive plain on the view of the eye

Also: the eye on the left in your avatar really bugs me lol


Mmh, I guess I do need a better grasp on perspective xD
It's silly of me to believe that tutorials solve everything overnight *nods*
Mmmh so... I'm guessing practice and experience are the best teachers then? :B

oh and now that you mention it... Yeah the left eye does look a bit squinty :>


I would say so, it's just a matter of looking at something you see and putting it onto paper

Just start a point somewhere on the work and then draw your lines from there, it's just something you have to learn on your own


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Here, I made a quick guide on drawing landscapes. Hopefully this helps if you didn't already know this stuff. I forgot to mention the rule of thirds though. I'll make another picture for that if you want.


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Here's a book I purchased recently and I find it's quite good for this subject. Backgrounds are pretty much the most difficult thing in art you can learn to draw, but if you can nail backgrounds then everything else won't seem quite as challenging.


Hope that helps.