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Main Site I need help with an user

I hate drama, a lot, I don't want to harass , troll, or expose any user. I just want to post submissions and interact with a few users like everyone else.

I having a little problem with an user that requested me to make a MLP comic based on his stories (He sent me a note saying "NSFW /Mature Collaboration/Recruitment Offer." on inkbunny about half a year ago). First off, I wanted to participate, but My artstyle sucked, and my drawing method did too, I wasn't aware of that.

Not only that, also, I had to deal with really important issues related to health and studies. I couldn't participate, and I apologized. But he forced me to continue. I was really scared, so I stopped talking to him.

It has been a half year, like I said before. He found me on furaffinity, and sent me a note with the same title. I apologized again, and explained (without saying personal info, as I'm doing here) my issues. He got bossy and started getting angry at me. I told him that the situation was too tense for me to work on his project.

I'm too scared of blocking him, and I also don't have any intention of harassing him, I want everything to be back normal, just me, posting and commenting.

This problem has just started, it hasn't yet got any worse, and I don't know if it's going to be.

Please, I repeat, I don't want drama, I just want a solution, and info about if this user has done similar stuff to other people, and what can I do so nobody gets hurt.

Please... I'm getting anxious...


I don't really know what to tell you. Sorry you're experiencing anxiety over this but if this person hasn't done anything you can report them over and you're not willing to use the tools the forum gives you (like block) then your only recourse would appear to be creating a new anonymous account.

If you can say, why are you afraid of blocking this person?
It's on the main site... And... I'm just a bit paranoic on this of blocking and stuff... I get lots of videos on youtube about drama with x or y artist, and I'm a bit scared of those situations... I know, it's dumb, but I have known toxic people that if you don't obey them they will do anything to ruin your life... Well... Let's say I just have a bad experience when it comes with annoying users.

Also, thanks a lot! I'm really glad people are taking this with maturity. Well... It would be fine if I block him?


The Lightbringer
There is nothing wrong with blocking problematic people, not blocking them is the same as allowing them to bring you down plain and simple. If there where no payments made then there are no obligations to actually do what was talked about especially if it was too much for you to take on.


dem leggies
Truly, don't let toxic people into your sphere. I'd say go ahead and block them, and they may try to spread rumors or garbage about you but that doesn't get traction if you're kind and genuine.
Don't let people like that intimidate you, it's all they've got. Without it they're just wheenie whiners ;)

Marius Merganser

The Duke of Birds
Unless he submitted payment for a commission, in which case you should probably refund it, you're under no obligation to continue work. At most, you can send one more message saying you will no longer be available to continue and you don't wish to be contacted again; no further explanation or apologies required. Keep a copy of any further attempts to contact you so you have a record to demonstrate harassment, but do not reply.
Thanks! But he hasn't responded me yet when I said that I won't work on it. If he talks to me again like that, I should block him. Or is it a better idea to block him directly?


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If you don’t care to hear from them again, block them now. If you don’t mind hearing from them long as they remain polite, block them later.