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I need help with my new sona!



Hi everyone as you can see I need help with my new upcoming sona. I´m looking for good color schemes and compinations. My new character is male wolf named Maxim. Maxim has same kind of eye lines as Jinnai has in Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, here´s example: ginga.wikia.com: Jinnai He has violet claws and has red on his fur as well. but what colors would work best with white since I´m probably going with white as his base color or grey/black and has white face so that liner color works.


Obsessed With Shapes & Colours
Honestly, with white (or even grey/black) as a base you could really use any colours - your main concern should just be what colours work best with each other. If you're already set on using violet/red, you might be well served just expanding upon those two colours and using them? Like, having white (or whatever your neutral colour is), light violet, dark violet and red?

Neat tool you could use to work out a palette for yourself: