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Critique: I need some advice or critiques


I want to improve the quality of my drawings and style ^^

FA gallery (If you need more examples): https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/diaztony/

Completely SFW examples:



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On the first image posted (cat with pink hair in shirt)

The hair kind of seems like it was superimposed. There isn’t much depth to it.

on the second image, is there supposed to be water?

Adding ripples and reflections make make that clearer.

I am not an artist.


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Nice style! I like the shading you use, it's not too soft and the volumes are well-made.
The first improvement (in term of importance) that I see is the proportions and limbs position. In each of these drawings, there's an issue with them. I'll list them so that you can see what I mean.
  • First one: position of the head compared to neck and body, it's too much on the left. Position of the armpit at our right compared to torso, too much to the left. The shoulder at our right is also too much to the right
  • Second one: proportions of the tibia, the tibia at the back is too long. Forearm seems to thin compared to the rest of the arm
  • Third one : ears at our right is a lot bigger than the one at our left. Thigh at our left longer than the right one (I think the intention was maybe to do a foreshortening. If that's the case, I'm sorry but it doesn't work, especially with how you draw the folds of the dress)
Good work for the diversity of drawing and environment! That's nice to see and a good idea to improve faster!
Last thing is that you should not hesitate to draw hands, hiding them won't help to make them look better ;)

Hope that helps!