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I need some help in getting things in order


Just some casually chaotic raccoon
So, I was in a state of denial for quite some time now (I mean TECHNICALLY you can't call someone a furry just because he has a FA account and likes furry art, right? That's totally average *nervous laughter*) but now i am kind of interested in making a fursona. Problem is, I couldn't define myself by one animal, so I'm not sure if i should try to find a certain animal that fits me, make a hybrid or just instantly go for multiple fursonas. Pls help


Just some casually chaotic raccoon
I’d say go hybrid, make a note of all the traits you feel reflect you, then make something up based on that.
Sounds like a good start!! It will end up horribly because i suck at comining stuff but thanks anyways


Dreams of digital sheep
Your now a mongoose
Thank me later :)


aka Cutter Cat
Choosing your fursona(s) is personal. Don't worry about choosing one, either. This isn't a tattoo that you can't remove. You can change it whenever you wish. Some people have just one, and that's OK, and others have a dozen, and that's OK, too. Just go with whatever you feel best represents that feeling you have about being an animal.

Of course, there is nothing that says you HAVE to have a fursona, either. Some people just appreciate the art and/or stories and don't feel the necessity of having an animal fursona. That's OK, too.

Just remember that there aren't any "rules" about being a Furry except for having an appreciation for that which is anthropomorphic.