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(Adopt/Character) Selling: I need to sell this urgently, for a sentimental reason


Look, this is a very urgent conversation, I had a cockatiel chick, which was male, but I was looking for a female, I went to change the cockatiel for a female, but after having already changed, I regretted it, I went to give it back to get mine and they didn't want to give it back because theirs was skittish and mine was tame, Now I want, and I need to get her back, and she's the last fragment I have of a last generation of birds that passed away, and that I had a lot of affection for, I can't leave her behind. But I don't have the money to get it back, so I was thinking about lowering the price of one of my OCs for sale so I can get enough to buy it back before it Sell her, I want her back.

I need more 38.45US$ To be able to buy it, I need it urgently.... I also have open commissions if you want to help but don't want the OC.

I'm going to show you two things, the Oc I'm selling and the photo of my cockatiel.
The yellow cockatiel was the one I traded but want back, the gray cockatiel was her boyfriend who died (they were both males, the gray one loved to court him) and the green one was my parrot.


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