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Free Art: I need your help. [Free Art]


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I am having the hardest time getting back into art. Everything I draw feels so stiff, and I can't think of any ideas.

So, I was wanting to request that you all post your characters (female or femboy only) with a very detailed description ([N]SFW) of what you would like. I'm not looking to do super serious backgrounds or anything, but I am in need of someone who knows what they want.

I'm not going to promise anything since this is honestly a real struggle for me, but I'm hoping some of your ideas spark something in my artblock brain to get me going again.

Thank you.


You could try my OC Deathless if you want to! I would prefer SFW for her.
For the actions, you could make her shredding it on a guitar and really being into the music she's playing like this pose!
Thank you for the opportunity! I highly appreciate it!
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Would you like to draw my sona Claire the Jackalope? maybe have her in this pose d898d5457d8dcd1d08ef3b115f70b2a5--witchcraft-magick.jpg but with her pet alien (yes she has a pet alien) on her shoulder
Here her ref
Here her pet's


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I'm game. I dunno if this idea is detailed enough but a piece that reflects just how terrifying the world Ake lives in can be?

Her info and Bio are here...

Ake Burton on Toyhouse

Thanks for the consideration either way. Hope you find your mojo!


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I would like my character done up as a holywood star. A jacket with a flower in the button hole of the pocket, a cravat, and sunglasses. Typical iconic Hollywood stuff. My character is on the left and is called Cutter Cat. He also has a paw pad ear button his his left ear. www.furaffinity.net: Merry Christmas from Two "Tigers" by Keefur
The theme for Fangcon for 2020 is Howlywood. The background could have a couple of palm trees and even a limo.


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I know that feel for an art block.
If you wanna try something different I have a new alt named Threska the Ibis
My current gallery of images
Possibly if she was angrily protecting a trash pile or something. Open to interpretation though. (Bin Chickens like going through trash)


I have my sona JazzMina and I was thinking a tasteful nude of her outside, wings spread, sunbathing.


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I'll put my bull-babe in, in hopes that he'll spark some motivation for you, and if not then I hope it doesn't take too long for you to find any!


..also, here are some ideas:

He's a fem-bull (femboy) and I'd appreciate NSFW of him (though SFW is greatly appreciated, aswell!) if you'd like.
He's a barista, so a café background would be great. All-in-all, I hope you have fun!​
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My rp partner's birthday was yesterday and I'd love to get them something but have no money. So if she interests you it would be a gift thanks!

[NSFW Request]

Anhka in a bathing springs setting. A cozy ambient bath house or steaming natural hot spring with candles and romantic lighting. Nude and bathing. Bonus points if Emperor could be depicted in the scene as well and them sharing a rare affectionate moment. Away from the hustle and bustle of the palace. He is her Emperor and she is his Empress.

Anhka (nsfw; nude refs)
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Aight, I'm offering something ridiculous that would make me use an 80's old school word like RAD and LUDACRIS. Seriously, behold this abomination:

You can draw my nsfw guy riding the pink cat steed wielding a (NSFW) dildo bat (or a red rocket bat uwu) as he boasts upon his mighty steed, charging into ... bedroom battle. Of course, he's wearing white-blue striped panties and bra for the heck of it, like he's straight out of anime tropes.

Le Chat Nécro

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I don't think I've met you officially yet, so welcome to the forums and the new position! Glad to have you around.
If it helps, I have my girl Edelweiss
edelweiss ref sheet.png
I have mostly art of her being a grumpy, grungy gal, but not a lot of necromancer stuff for her yet. So perhaps her dressed up in dark robes with the hood up and black kohl smudged over her face, yellow eyes peering forth from the darkness, standing over a corpse, hands outstretched towards the viewer, beckoning it to rise up from the dead and join her, tendrils of magic flowing from her into this new vessel (you said detailed so I'm going for it).

Thank you for the opportunity and good luck with the block!


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www.furaffinity.net: minerva by coldbrew by minerva_minx

Ref is NSFW. for art, NSFW or SFW, either because really, dressed/makeup only like Harley Quinn. specifics must be smashing a computer and have shredded papers lying around. if there is a body dying or cowering in a corner that can stand in for a free art requester (editor, my case) with a keyboard tying them up, we may be on to something. real life I am just a super frustrated writer and would never do it. but fantasy is ok. flying printer would be intwresting, but you did say simple background. Sometimes it helps sharing aggression. 50/50 if I yell before I have clothes on.

So pink background, me holding a dildo while someone screams bloody murder off panel also works. let the dark humor fly. You killing me or several free art requester also works.

It's always the quiet ones people underestimate the most. really, terribly shy and not that aggressive. actually shy away from most violence. except a banana muffin to someone's head. refuse to stop doing that.


CDC predicts zombies...
Sorry had to take a shower and cool off. sorry for being rude.

Me, an introvert kind woman, in a Scorpion from Mortal Kombat pose, NSFW or SFW (this will work for both), throwing said dildo attached to a chain and screaming, "Get over here!" It will revolutionize every woman's world.

Happy - it subtlely says you're in the mood
Angry - gives a gentle head's up you want to be alone
Frustrated - without being over the top, says I need some action in my life
Irritated - immediately appeals to a guys primal self that I am a woman who can do some serious damage on the same level
Kids - southern families can use it to show what mom is like when you make her upset
Husbands - easy to read sign with "not now" next to the poster

Easy gold mine.