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I need your honest opinion, furries

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I need to know how much you think my badges are worth in dollars.

Don't be shy. You won't offend me. I really want honesty.

Here are my examples...


I don't know how much to price these at, considering the dollar is not my currency, how much is a resonable amount to ask for?

Thank you,



I would go with like $15. I sell mine for about that much and mine are full body, but people say I undercharge. I think yours would go for $10 DEFINATELY, and you could probably get away with charging more than that. If you did sell them for $10, you'd probably sell more than if you sold them for more, you know? But honestly, $12-18, like the above person said, wouldn't be a stretch. ^^
You have an awesome style and very nice way of colouring.
But I suck at pricing things, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me. You also have to keep in mind that if you don't get many commissions when you ask, it might be because of the economic recession thing that's happening. Not too many people have the extra cash to afford art, unfortunately. ):


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I paid 30 dollars for my badge commission (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1342300/) and in my view it is worth every penny! I will gladly pay for great work. Currently, like most furs it seems, I am strapped for cash now though so anything I do get will be cheaper most likely or I will just hold off buying till I can afford it. Your badges are damn good in my opinion, don't sell yourself short! While maybe not as clean around some of the edges as my commission, they are wonderfully detailed, colorful, and full of life. Guess it comes down to either how desperate you are for sales and how much you get your name out to people and advertise yourself. Like any art, popularity seems to drive pricing to a large degree. Would say something in the mid-upper teens would be fitting.


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I'm not sure how much you should charge, but I hope you think of something soon, because I love those! I'd love to commission you for some badges!

As a little input on pricing tho, I do tend to try to go for badges that are priced $15 or lower. Not because the artwork isn't worth a higher price, I usually believe that someone's artwork is worth every penny they ask for. But because that's more affordable for me, and I'm more likely to order more than one.


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I agree with what most people posted. X3 Higher than ten. (And I'm cheap as hell! I miss out on so many good commissions by being frugal... *Grumblegrumble*)
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