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I need your honest Opinion guys!


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Ok, now wouldnt you find it extremely rude and intrusive for a group of people to come into your home looking for someone thats not even here? Not to mention leaving and coming back WITHOUT KNOCKING going; "OH! we'll wait here till you get back." I find it extremely EXTREMELY rude and disrespectful. Your opinion on the matter?


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I think that sounds reasonable but I'm assuming the group of people in question are the police in this situation

Butters Shikkon

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I find that wierd more than rude. o_O


I'm sorry dude, but if somebody just barged into my house like that, they would not stay there very long. Especially if they were looking for somebody who was not there. That just pisses me off when someone just barges into my house without permission, yet alone without knocking. That is a whole different story if somebody doesn't knock and come in my house.


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If you're talking about the police then they had better have a warrant to enter my home without my ok or i'd be giving them some serious shit. If they had a warrant...i would be as sweet as humble pie, if not..i'd be such an ass, i'd be fully within my right to shove them out the door. Sure it might get me a beating and arrested but if they didnt have a warrant i'd be in the right.

If you're talking about regular people then i'd be nice and ask them to leave but if they didn't return my common courtesy they'd be looking down the barrel of my shot gun while i was on the phone with the cops.


I wouldn't even have time to install a secret bookcase to cover up the entrance to my BDSM dungeon.


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You're in Kansas, you should have a gun like any normal Kansian.
If you don't, you are a socialist communist muslim hippie terrorist.

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Unless its the police, these random cockwads would have a loaded .45 pointed at there head and politely asked to gtfo.


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Situations like that are why I have any number of deadly weapons within arms reach right now.


My sister's ex-boyfriend would let himself into the house to wait for my sis all the time, when my sister wasn't here or no one was here (someone gave him a key, no idea who :v). Strange things happened.... food disappeared, dishes appeared in the sink, fucking debit cards went missing.


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No its not the police, its my moms friends who were looking for my mom for some odd reason to tell her something when they have cellphones.. My mom had no clue they were even there nor gave any forwarning as to them coming. Theyve done this twice already well three times.


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I honestly dont believe in the use of a weapon unless absolutely needed, Im buddhist so my philosophy on weapons are..weird.. I do have a Browning buck mark in arms reach incase something like that were to happen in the case of a completely different situation


people to come into your home

So do they have a key, or did you let them in just so you could be annoyed about it? I assume you don't just leave your door open.

Not to mention leaving and coming back WITHOUT KNOCKING going; "OH! we'll wait here till you get back."

I don't get this bit. Until you got back? Who were they saying this to? Where were they waiting?

None of this makes any sense.