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I need YOUR opinion on the furry fandom. In one sentence.


Inglorious Bastard

Verin Asper

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...You're a part of the no-yiff furs group, right?

Why do you have a quote from a zoophile in your signature?
because they made fun of the person who coined "Fuck you, I'm a dragon" who died a month or two back....on the day of the news getting out.

and BTW the No yiff group isnt against porn, they against generic furfags who fuck everything


Inglorious Bastard


Not the kind that sits on laps
Animals+The freaks on here=Furry.
The furry fandom is a group of artists, writers, and performers -and their fans- whose favorite subject is "animals doing people-things".

It is also a home-grown (IE do-it-yourself) artistic movement that is found mostly on the internet. It has no leadership and no forms of quality control or rules. It is similar, in some respects, to art movements like anime, underground comic books, or punk music.


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The majority of people you meet will forever boost your own confidence, as after witnessing the horrendous predicaments they've put themselves through you'll think, "I'll never be like that guy."