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I really want to role play please


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Message me in DM's or send me a friend request over discord if you're going to send me a friend request over discord please give me a heads up here my notifications have been hit or miss lately I don't know if it's discord or my computer doing it



blue/teal bat thing.
Gosh, you and me buddy. But you don't know how much I would really try it.

Vanessa Howl

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Fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, furry, monsters....anything really so long as the story is good and we're not just using it as an excuse to fuck.


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Your best bet to get ahold of me is on discord I would do it here but my notifications don't work very well on this site at the moment because I'm using my computer and there's something wrong with my e-mail so it's not sending me notifications on my PC