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I relapsed!


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People care too much about whether or not they are "a furry."

I like furry art but can't stand 99% of the people involved.

I don't seem to have this internal conflict so I don't see why everyone else should.
Why isn't there a this button anymore :'(
I like the fandom, but I can't stand the majority of the people.(no offense faf, most of you all are cool)


You can hate but still enjoy.

:p and your avatar makes me wanna have sex with that skunk... He's so devious and probably... endowed.

Never mind about what I said before. I see what you mean now Kellie.

Haven't you heard? I am a sick bastard, my avatar should say more than enough.

You may have edited, but I still know that you don't hate 5% of the furries you have met.


...so am I the only one who hates both the art and the people?

I don't hate any of them, I just think somemost of them are grotesque and/or moronic and/or retarded.

And I don't hate most of the artwork either; it's just fucking shit.


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"Why do you feel a need to get away, anyway?"

uh because it's gay!


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yeah i'm a little jealous. But believe me when i tell you fear is not involved.

Ah, ok.

I'll be honest -- I'm a little afraid of the gays.

Like this guy:


...he scares the shit out of me :(


There is no escape from the harrowing grasp of the terrible furfaggotry that is the fandom...

Once you're in, you're in...