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I Survived the Assault

'I Survived The Return Of Neandarthal Man & All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt'

Let the disscusson begin: were they weaned too early, or not spanked enough?


I missed the assault completely, which is a shame as it sounded quite hilarious.

Edit: Actually, forget that, some submissions are coming up on the front page now. I'm off to vomit a bit.


Bokra, come out to pla-ay
What happen?
These two guys (or maybe it was one guy with two accounts) just started spamming every forum with messages. Too bad the threads weren't kept, they were funny. It was also brief, the mods were on top of it pretty quickly.

Too bad you missed it, it was very entertaining.


/signed for surviving

its a pity i got told off for ripping them a new one last time there was a troll =( it was so tempting