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I think I might be gay D:


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Ok well checking your profile you're a bit younger. I agree, just do what feels right. I tried super hard to be straight lol...

Junior year I asked all sorts of girls out, went to dances, and just plain hung out. I never felt attracted to any of them. Senior year I just skipped those event and went by myself to stuff and made closer friendships with the girls I wasn't attracted to.

Hopefully there are more homosexuals near you, there was only one other in my tiny school and I really didn't like him at all so I just kept it to myself.


Step 1: come out to your family, unless their catholic/republicans or both

Step 2: Don't tell anyone in school unless you want to

Step 3: Go to college, meet up with some guys and a 12 pack

Step 4: ????

Step 5: Profit!


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The only way you're going to know is if you try it. Some guys are willing to be discreet about it and keep a secret if you desire. I know I've run into a couple of guys that did not want any sort of outside attention to their sexuality, so I obliged and kept their secret. Hopefully you can find such a guy and explore your sexual desires, whatever they may be

Experimenting is good. Try some gay porn.

I agree with this. I know it has helped me determine that I am bisexual
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Watch some porn of various types. Note boner status throughout. Check results at the end.


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There's no reason to tell anyone until you have, at least, confirmed the fact and plan on introducing your new boyfriend to others. I didn't tell anyone unless they asked or it was particularly relevant; I didn't run into any huge drama-bombs. Of course, your results may vary.

Go with the flow. If you run around telling everyone only to discover that you're really not gay at all, then all you've managed to do is stir up trouble. Truthfully, there is only one surefire way to know and that's to give it a shot.


give yourself some time without telling anyone, the urge to preach about it will fade.

do people REALLY need to know? it's not a big deal

Well, your right on statement 1, give yourself some time without telling anyone. Statement two is incorrect, it is important that IF your gay that you tell your family/friends. But only if your certain, otherwise it can endup really akward.


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Wow. I was waiting for that one.


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Step 1: Do you like women? Y/N

Step 2: Do you like men? Y/N

If Y, N then straight. If N, Y then gay. If Y, Y then bi. If N, N then asexual.


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Ah, the original gay quiz. Classic. Lets all answer this one.

1. Y
2. Y



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umm I didn't study, can I just copy off someone elses?


Step 1: Do you like women? Y/N

Step 2: Do you like men? Y/N

If Y, N then straight. If N, Y then gay. If Y, Y then bi. If N, N then asexual.

Actually, one is not necessarily asexual if one does not find human beings attractive



Many people have just been saying "if you watch gay porn and are turned on, then you're gay. If it doesn't, then you're not." Well, all I can say is that for many it's just not that simple.
I understand what you're going through, cus I was totally there six months ago. You have to understand that it's a bit more complicated than gay vs. straight. Most people don't 100% fit in either category, but still don't like the other enough to call themselves bi. Personally I am very slightly bi: not enough to make me want to fuck a girl but enough to thoroughly confuse the hell out of me.
Also, keep in mind not all gay people act like the stereotypical gay dude. Personally I'm a pretty masculine person, and most people around me would never guess that I'm gay.
My suggestion is to give the question some time and try to think about it with a clear head. You don't have to figure it all out at once. Just know that it's a complicated question which has been simplified by society.


I did no such thing.
I have quite a few homosexual friends, andfrom what I know, they expirimented and kept their seual orientaion pretty descreet until they knew for sure. With the exception of two. One fell in love with someone of the same gender. Inher case, gender didn't matter.
The other...well...let's just say he thinks when he hits puberty he'll turn into Electra and is not shy about fan-girling over guys in public.


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From a guy with a lot of hard-earned grey in his beard:
Don't stress it till you find someone you like enough to think about having a relationship with.
if it's a women, you're either straight or bi.
If it's a guy you're either gay or bi.
If you don't find anyone you're interested in, maybe you need to think about expanding your circle of friends/ associates.

Once you do find that someone, and they turn out into turning a friendship into something more, then just relax.
There is no 'right or wrong' way to do stuff, just whatever feels good to you both and makes you happy.


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In all seriousness here, the most important to do is not let it stress you out.

I think hit a crisis from teen years up until about 20. I was raised Catholic, under a republican family. I was going through intense self-denial, even while looking at gay porn (no joke). Somehow, I had become convinced, through conversations with a couple people I knew online at that time, that it was normal to look at gay porn, or to fantasize from the guy's point of view.

Over time, I realized that I was really just lusting over the guys, and I feel a guy can fulfill emotional needs that a girl just can't. I went out with 4 girls in my high school years. Guess who ended those 4 relationships?

I dumped all 4, never feeling any attachment.

Eventually, I admitted it to myself, and I broke it to my mom first (out of my family). I told all my friends before this, but I was expecting to get kicked out of the house and disowned.

Well, it didn't go so horribly. But I think you should just give yourself some time. It requires a lot of self-searching. Before telling anyone, make sure you've come to realize what you feel, and that you're comfortable with it.


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God Grim you have the same story I have pretty much. Good knowing people have/had the same problems as you.