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I think I might be gay D:



Blah, I hate it when my hair gets to long. It's all curly and poofy. Like the pop-star Mika's hair. Exactly like that. And if I use a blow-dryer....you don't want to know.


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I love when my hair gets poofy!!! I wear a hat to smush it down and then it poofs out from it.


Bah, my hair is getting longer now, Next month I'm getting a hair cut. Really short, just in time for the summer.
Try jerking off to a picture of a dude--furry first, then just plain human.

If both work for you then you are probably gay to the degree they work for you.

Its not really complicated and, despite the advice i just gave, I can't really recommend asking the internet about it.


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I tried so hard to be straight, but I learned that if you have to doubt yourself, you are most likely gay.
I don't know what type of person you are, but from my own experience, there'll be a lot of denial. At some points for me, I was watching gay porn and still trying to tell myself I was straight. The only thing that can fix it all is time. Eventually, if you find yourself to be gay, you'll be cool with it. It won't be easy, and it won't happen in a week.