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Free Art: I wanna build my repetoire!

Hi! I'm fluffered on FA! If you'd like to me to draw your sona/OC, send me a link to a ref! If you are open to/would like an NSFW piece, please indicate that! Feel free to post the link here or send me a note on FA. I reserve the right to not do every person who requests if I receive a lot of requests ofc lol
All I ask in return is a Watch lol


Cat With A Guitar
Would you like to draw Leah? :3 SFW please!

Thank you for the chance!


Queen of Laziness
Hi! Would you care to draw my bearded dragon sona, Mae? I'd like you to keep it SFW, if you can. I have a proper ref sheet in the works, but it's not done yet. I do, however, have plenty of other artworks that should help you:

Artwork Gallery for MCtheBeardie -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

You can feel free to do whatever you'd like with her. Thank you for your time, and happy drawing!


If you would like to, could you draw my 80's girl Deathless? For poses and expression is completely up to you, just keep it SFW! Her outfit ref is below:
Rock out.png
Thank you so much!I will watch you on FA asap!


Pyruus V.8: Now With More Glowy Bits
Hope it's ok to plop my ref in!
I'd like a NSFW pic, and the NSFW bits are a "sky's the limit" sort of thing.
Pyruu's stripes do glow, like in the second picture.


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