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I wanna take one trade

Mr. Shigglesworth

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I'm trying to work out a good process for myself in creating finished work, with an eye towards commissions in the near future. As such, I'd like to test this out by taking a trade as a sort of mock commission.

I'm looking to do one finished piece, full color, with a background. Either 1 or 2 characters.

In exchange, I'd like to see a piece of my sona Meiko, plus his boyfriend Damian if we opt for 2-character pieces. Images below:



I'm down for either SFW or NSFW, no preference.

If you're interested in doing this, please leave a comment here with a description of what you'd like me to do for my part. It can be as descriptive or vague as you want! You may also DM me if you've got NSFW details to offer. I'll select whoever's proposal/characters/personal artstyle interest me the most.

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Good to see you on the forums again!
Good luck!