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I want to be a rabbit.



I've been in this community for ages and I've had many attempts at making a fursona that I really feel connected to, that suits me. I've been a fox, a gecko, a snake, a rat, a ferret, a parrot...

None of them felt right for me.

But it is gradually dawning on me that I am a *huge* rabbit fan. It's a bit like that old trope of someone being gay but not being aware of it. I am constantly obsessing over Watership Down (the novel, the movie, the 1999 cartoon series and the 2018 TV movie.) Bigwig is pretty much my biggest furry crush.

I'm small and skittish. I identify with the wild rabbits that live in the quarry close to where I live. I am a rabbit.

I'm not sure how to go about creating a bunny 'Sona. I am a mediocre artist but I'm mostly concerned not with my bunny's appearance, but her personality and backstory.

She'll be "feral" and exist in the Watership Down universe. Not like Bugs Bunny or Rodger Rabbit; I want her to be more realistic.

I'm thinking of making her blind and crippled but that's a bit cliché.