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I want to discuss the 'Upload Policy'.


AllenR said:
And before anyone seems to bring it up, yes I saw yak's post about the section being removed.

Quote from myself on the first post I made in this topic. So yes, I read the topic before posting, so I know that a discussion on the section being removed is going to happen. But that doesn't mean that the subject of the matter can't be applied to other things as well. Namely:

AllenR said:
FA shouldn't be making sections for images that never really qualify as art, but at the same time slapping artistic rules into that section.

Arshes Nei

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Ok, what doesn't qualify as art?


So far we can clarify that apparently desktop screen shots do not qualify under FA's artistic values, and neither are photo's of random products we own (unless it's a drawing we have done and are submitting it cause of lack of a scanner or something). The first one has a section but is probably being removed, and the second doesn't really have it's own section, so all is good now. I can't think of much more, but the point I was making out can be something the FA moderators could keep in mind in case future sections are to be made so that we don't have issues like this again.


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I think at this point (and i dont mean to kill the thread/shift the thread entirely) is
"what is an acceptable desktop screenshot"

for some people a desktop screenshot is showing their prowess of the machinery as a sort of ego-boo.
For some, its a useless spam.

For me, its a showing of my prowess over technology.
True this
could be considered spam

but http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1013817/ is (to me) a showing something i worked hard to do. i made the desktop image and i was showing off the work I had devoted a little time to compile/degrub linux and its cool graphical-ness.

IANAL but what about Creative Commons? CC is becoming more and more common: dA has it that my default all new submissions are CC.

just curious to add what i see


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indrora said:
but http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1013817/ is (to me) a showing something i worked hard to do. i made the desktop image and i was showing off the work I had devoted a little time to compile/degrub linux and its cool graphical-ness.

As a linux user I can tell that what you are showing is not really your work, because you can do such things simly by installing Comiz or Beryl... this one is one of its basic options; you can rotate between screens.


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Ok I have a gripe about uploads. There are a lot of artists, writers, and mucsions [sp?] on this board, all of them wanting to have thier hard work be seen.

Whether they are good,bad, or in between it matters not. The point is, they Created something.

And then the pages get bombarded with photos of the most inane things.

Eggs. Dozens of pictures of Eggs taken from any possible angle. EGGS!

Lets see...recently I was bombarded with pictures of a soda cooler. [the kind in a convient store] a kitchen a truck, a HAND. yes folks a hand. And not even for refrencing.

It's fusterating to work hard on something, only to be bumped off the first 5 pages not by another's art...but by photographs of things not even worth photographing.

It's not art, it's taking up space!

dont' get me wrong, photography is a wonderful art medium. But not when it's just random photos of nothing in any particular art form ya know?

Just my two cents.



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indrora said:
i made the desktop image and i was showing off the work I had devoted a little time to compile/degrub linux and its cool graphical-ness.

Man, why would you degrub linux? I was so happy to get RID of LILO! So how do you degrub it? loadlin?

Joshin' aside, neither this thread, nor any other, nor the thousands of hours of discussions I've heard and participated in is going to establish conclusively what is or is not "Art." It's been a little while since I read the AUP, but I recall that it was pretty liberal in allowing a small percentage of off-topic "anything goes" uploads -- so long as they did not violate any laws, in particular copyright laws, which is apparently the case here. Copyright law, even in one country, never mind all of them, is a field almost as tangled to navigate as "What Is Art," so that also is not going to be settled in this thread. Look up all the debates on collage and fair use if you want to be thoroughly confused.

What it comes down to is that this is a murky area, and sometimes the only way to settle things is to have judges who decide what will be. In this case, the final judges are the admins, mostly because this is their ship, and they get to decide what color it gets painted. Will those decisions always be fair? Almost certainly not, because "fair" is a matter of perspective. If fifty percent of the people hate you, and fifty percent think you're wonderful, then you're probably being as fair as is humanly possible. OP obviously falls into the bottom half in his respect for the admins. Hopefully the admins will find a way to survive without his love.

Most of this thread is semantic masturbation. I post a picture of my pony. Obviously, the only intent of the picture is to show off my pony. I did not make my pony. I just own her (or she owns me). I also own my truck, but that truck had a designer, and the specific look of it is governed by copyright law (though realistically, that law would likely only be violated if I reproduced the likeness of the truck in the same medium, i.e. another truck) So is a photo of my truck less artistically valid than a photo of my pony? Any decent debater could argue it convincingly both ways, for OR against. It's enough to cause migraines if you take it seriously.

I'm personally disturbed and annoyed by the OP's stance that "If I can't be happy, EVERYBODY has to be unhappy." That doesn't win a lot of points. I will not be sorry to see desktop screenshots flushed, if only to prevent this very sort of whining by people who want to post to an art site without having the desire to create anything[/i].