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Free Art: I want to draw cute girls (kemono style artist)


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Hi, I want to do a small little project inspired by a song I'm currently listening to. I want to draw A TON OF CUTE KEMONO GIRLS!! 29 of them, ideally. I want to draw bikini idol kemono girls...

Please drop me your OC reference in this thread so I can draw them in my free time! There's no guaranteed when they will be finished and no WIPs will be sent out, but it'll be full body standing pose + full colour :3

My only request is that you are not picky with artistic changes to character (eg. my inability to draw long snouts or something, slight color palette difference since I don't typically color drop (lighter or darker))

My art style is: (old request)

Psst if there is a kemono community out there somewhere with a discord group or something, that'd be nice...


Pirate Fox Mom


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I hope you would enjoy my voluptuous ponygirl: Dressage
Thanks for the chance! Love your style.

gallery [nsfw link]