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I want to draw your character!


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Contact: (e-mail the same as you use Paypal)
Additionals: (poses, scenario, a SFW image, if you want)
References: (images and name of character) please complete references of your character (color).
If you want him wearing specific clothes, send all in the same picture, only the parts you want me to do the drawing.

Payment: I accept payments only through Paypal.


1 - Send me your commission by message. I will reply with an estimate. starting at $25 a sketch and $50 with color depending on the complexity

2 - If everthing is ok, you send 1/2 the payment for me to confirm your e-mail address with paypals

3 - I'll send you a small preview sketch via email

( I'll send you up to 2 preview sketches, if you're still not satisfied then you can choose : cancel your commission or pay for extra preview skecthes )

4 - If you like it, you will pay the second 1/2 and I will say the time for delivery of your full commission.

5 - When it's finished, I'll send an e-mail with a .JPEG file. (original size, 300 dpi, good for print)

Thank you and I look forward to making your vision come to life!

I don't have a lot of samples of furry art yet, but here are a few drawing just to showcase that I can Illustrate! I promise I will make what you want look awesome!


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