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Free Art: I want to draw your hooved ladies (CLOSED)


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Between projects right now, so I'd like to offer one or two slots for free art. However, the following conditions apply to what I will draw:
  • Must be hooved/an ungulate species (horses preferred, but any are fine- cows, sheep, goats, etc). I do not draw feet or paws.
  • Must be female or have a female/feminine body (I just don't draw male bodies well yet).
  • I would like to build my SFW portfolio, so SFW ideas are preferred. However, I will draw NSFW if you want (PM me if interested).
  • Must be anthro.
Also, please note: This is not first come, first served. I will leave this open for a few days and then pick the characters/ideas that appeal to me most.

What I will provide will be a full-body piece with color and soft shading, with an abstract background only. If you want a prop or object in the piece, that's probably doable and we can talk about it.

Please feel free to post your characters/ref sheets if interested, as well as what you'd like to see of your character. If you're open to anything, please leave some information about their personality/hobbies/etc.

Examples of my art can be found in my gallery here: TemetNosce88's Art. Gallery does contain a good amount of NSFW but it is all properly age-gated. There are SFW examples to see there, too.
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Well, I just happen to have two potential candidates. Note they're depicted as kinda plantigrade in the refs, but you can modify, have them stand on their hooves only, whatever.

If you like them, you can use them as you wish (aka open to anything). I don't have detailed background info on them written down, so a short description has to be enough. So, introducing: Joanna, the neurotic "information science antelope" (there was such meme). Works at a university hospital archives. Is obsessed with fitness and diets which usually doesn't do her much good.

And Aleksandra, kind of polar opposite to Jo. A laid-back and rather lazy (but *mostly* punctual) bus driver who would preferably just sit down and watch TV. Eats unhealthy amounts of red beets.


Len, the Oni
Love your art, dude! Sooo pretty.
Feel free to use this as inspo, she's a goat. I'm finally going digital art tomorrow, so I don't overly need the free stuff, but if this pic serves to inspire, then go for it. Lol

Feel free to change it up to whatever suits your style better. (more or less animal, clothes, colors, etc)
She's a demon (oni) and playfully antagonistic in nature, but not evil. More of a prankster. Her main hobby (or vice) is gambling.
I have a ref sheet for this character if the style is something you're after.
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Maybe my baphomet girl? (Ref sheet by AdorableMxgic on TH)
She has a peppy and sweet personality. One of her favorite hobbies is animating dolls to be her friends.

31282309_UG9bc3niPzX2CLm (1).png
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Feminine bodies you say? I happen to have a femboy horse and a new femboy deer.

I also have a doe that I've used as a mascot for another site, but she never got a ref sheet.

You're more than welcome to use any of them, but it's totally cool if you don't either. Thanks for the opportunity!


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I've got this golden zebra/kirin lady, maybe she'll catch your interest. :) I'm absolutely awful at drawing ideas, so I'll just describe her personality a bit.

She's proud and handles things with grace, even when she's internally furious. There are some things that make her lose her cool, of course, but she tries to avoid such things. With those she's close with, she often acts very motherly, to the point where she has to be occasionally reminded that her friends are not children. After spending her teens and most of her twenties developing her skills and working with the most skilled in her field as often as she had the opportunity to do so, she is now a self employed floral designer. Most of her jobs are for high class weddings and social events, and she finds herself at the brink of her patience with many of her clients much more frequently than she'd like to admit.
Hm.. I don't think there's anything more to add. I'm not the greatest at creating well rounded characters and this is one of the many that I haven't spent much time on. ^^'


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Thank you everyone who responded! There are a lot of really appealing characters you all posted, and I'm sorry I can't do something for everyone.

I'm going to award two slots right now, and I might do a few more from this thread in a few weeks when my schedule opens up a little more. If I do, I will get in touch and make sure you're still okay with that.

I will contact the winners privately, but again, thank you so much to everyone who posted.