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I want to hear your dreams


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Last night, I had a dream that I was hospitalized because I had chunks of ice in my body for some reason. It was pretty upsetting.

Did the Doctors tell you you were a cool customer?


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Did the Doctors tell you you were a cool customer?



I had a messed up dream last night. I was with my family (mate, mom, dad, brother and all his pups...like entire family) on some random trip. My phone did the loud ass alert tone and spoke in Siri’s voice “take cover, shelter in place. Missile launch detected” when I looked up, sure enough, like a shooting star, in came a big ole ICBM shooting across the sky. My Dad said “ohh my god it’s going to hit (some random town I can’t temember the name)” The middle hit and everything went dark. At first I though ohh well good it wasn’t armed. Then I saw the mushroom cloud outlined by fire and lightning. I saw the fiery shockwave heading towards us, and then stop. The wave stopped like 100 yards from us. I yelled to my whole family “we’ve gotta go unless we wanna start glowing!” So we ran in the opposite direction. After that it was just a bunch of cuts of us rummaging through stores, raiding for food, and building a shelter out of tarps.
Then I woke up because we got a call so I got to wake up to emergency tones blairing over our speakers in the station.


I had 2 dreams recently.

In the first one,I got a thumb transplant.

In the second one,I had diabetes and had to get insulin injected.
into my lungs.
It wasn't nice :(


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I guess my dream last night was more of a nightmare, but I was basically in a hot air balloon over the city (I've never been in a hot air balloon and I don't live in a city, so I don't know where that came from!). Since I hate heights, it was super terrifying, but that wasn't the worst of it. I think I was getting shot at or something(?) and a bullet hit the hot air balloon, it deflated really quick and I was flung out of the basket. I was just over a skyscraper and just as I was about to hit the very pointy tip at the top, I woke up in a cold sweat. This is why I try to not sleep D:


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My last dream was extremely literal I’m very new to the furry world and I’m confused about a lot of things and I think that’s the main reason I had this dream I remember I was at some furry con and I was walking around in a suit in first person I was talking to a person next to me who seemed to be my friend and was in this full yellow suit with brown dots and they appears to be a cheetah, and I started asking them tons of questions but after every couple of answers I would wake up and forget what they would tell me but I can remember most of the questions I asked them like for example I would ask “where do you normally sleep at furry cons, or do you go to a lot of the panels that the convention holds I don’t know just a bunch of random questions but anyway I hope you Enjoyed reading this

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I'm not sharing the last one.


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Had a weird one last night.

I dreamed that I was dressed at 2 AM for whatever reason, came downstairs from the attic and saw my family member get a drink from the kitchen. They said to me: "Hey, was it you who was in the kitchen earlier moving things around??"

I replied with: "No, it was my doppelganger". Noticing they were laughing it off, my dream body formed and I heard myself say: "I am serious. I saw him. I saw him! He is real!" as my voice became louder and louder every-time I said it.

That is when noise came from the attic and only I looked up at it.

My dream self ended the dream sequence saying: "He's here"

That is when I woke up and realized that the dream I had was near the current time, only off by an hour.

I couldn't sleep after that ⊙﹏⊙∥'

Freaky stuff.

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My dreams are always nonsensical and trippy. I've kept a small journal of them since I was 10.

I had one just the other day where I was on a development team for a vampire themed basketball game, but we released the game when it wasn't finished, so we replaced it with a virus as a placeholder, for whatever reason.

Nevertheless, I sat down with somebody else to test out the actual game, and in the character selection the dude just said "Fuck you we're both dead" and set our life count to 0. The game loaded in with our characters in vampire attire dead on a basketball court. The dream ended with us both laughing hysterically.

There was another one where I was alone in a big, tall office building during a dark, stormy night. None of the lights were on, and none of the rooms had furniture, but as I moved throughout the rooms, the lights turned on and off to match the room I was in, and furniture appeared and disappeared in the same sort of way, with the lights and furniture only appearing in the room I was in. For whatever reason, though, I wasn't frightened. I was indifferent about what was happening. I just explored the office while listening to the rain and watching the lightning from the windows.

I love my dreams. They're always memorable, whether It would be hilarious, trippy or both.


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In my dream, I was crossing the street, I was hit by a car. I fainted and woke up on a stretcher. I stood up and climbed a invisible ladder. I went to a room full of toys


I regularly have dreams in which I'm dealing with a strong urge to take a good ol' leak but no suitable bathroom is available within the dreamworld so its like a really unnerving fast paced quest to find an appropriate peeing hole as the pressure increases until I eventually wake up and realise that such need is real and quickly make my way to the porcelain throne. I think its safe to say that's thanks to these dreams that I have no need to wear diapers at night because this bladder surely can't hold a lot of content inside.

Other than this, its usually just unsettling and depressing gibberish which I'm glad that doesn't linger on my mind upon waking up for long.


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Well damn.........
Once I have dreamt of riding from a dark cartoony land.......and reaching to an open road, with view for the sea on the left side, bright and sunny, we walk up, and get ready, we burn those engines, everybody has a different vehicle, it was like a race or som......we then go full speed.....until I look at the sun......I am surrounded by my friends who are riding along with me....it was like something out of fast and furious, and then, the dream ends
It is one of my favorite and oldest dreams I ever had


Hey dream thread, I got a fun one. I don't remember the majority of it, I only remember the last few bits.

From the first part I remember, I was playing a horror game, but in VR without a lot of the weird VR effects. For some reason I had the feeling it was FNAF, though I've never played any version of it myself, and the gameplay was nothing like FNAF. (This is easily explained by the fact that I watched someone play VR FNAF recently, though why my brain switched out the gameplay I have no idea.) In the game I was collecting different items, not for any objective or anything, but more like... I just wanted them or something? No idea. Anyhoo, the objective seemed to be get as many things I you can, then get out safely. That part of the dream ended when I started to "feel" an entity creep up on me and I got the heck out of there with the few things I collected. After getting out, the screen showed the entity's leg briefly splashing into some pool of what I assume was blood right outside the escape door. It felt like a "boy, that was close" encounter, though the delay between scenes says otherwise logically. The leg looked like it could maybe have been one of the animatronics used in FNAF, which might be the connection my brain was trying to force.

After that part I was suddenly in bed, holding my phone and playing a different game now. A guy joins me, lays next to me, holds my hand, I say "sorry, this is the only time I get to play this game really", and we just hold hands for a bit. Eventually we just curl up together, he on my chest. I even remember looking at us holding hands for a good few seconds. The dream ended right after head hit chest. Also, I know who the guy in said dream was meant to represent, though I don't actually know what he looks like, so my brain made it up. Also weirdly, I don't actually have much feels for this particular person, so I'm not sure why he'd show up of all people. Like, he's an interesting enough guy to talk to if we ever manage to get a convo going, and I'd like to learn more about him, but there's zero spark or anything and I know full well he has other people interested in him as he has openly stated such.

So the dream went from weird (I wouldn't call it scary at all) to just sads. I wants a rl cuddle. ;-;


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I remember one dream very vividly from when I was a tiny little child. Back then, I had an intense fear of the idea of mind control. Like, to the extent where there was an episode of god damn Care Bears that really freaked me out because the villain did some sort of hypnosis thing - can't remember the details exactly, of course, but you get the idea.

So in this dream, there was this guy who, of course, was able to mind control people by staring into their eyes. He also had a little red ball which he threw at people to paralyze them (after which he would of course hypnotise them). Once he hypnotised someone, they then gained those same two powers. So there I was, sitting in my room, when I saw the guy just outside my window. I ran out of my room to tell my parents, who were standing with their backs to me, and I'm sure you can see where this is going. I told them that I saw the guy, and then they turned around, and they had the look in their eyes that said they had been hypnotised by this guy. So I ran out the house, and I saw all up and down the street, people coming out of their houses, holding these red balls. I ran down the street, fast as I could, hearing the crowd running behind me, red balls flying past me. Then I felt one hit me in the back of my head, and I immediately stopped moving. As soon as that happened, the sound of the running crowd behind me stopped, everything went completely silent. Then I hear these footsteps approaching me from behind, but I still couldn't move. Then I feel a hand rest on my shoulder.

That was the end of it.


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I keep having horrific dreams based on the Human Centipede. Recently I have had upsetting dreams where an evil woman (think Mrs Coulter from His Dark Materials and Madame Kovarian from Doctor Who) is experimenting on children and making them into human centipedes. She laughs at their humiliation and pain. In these dreams I'm desperately trying to rescue the children before she can mutilate them. I usually wake up crying.


My dreams are mostly sexual for some odd reason. So I can't really share.
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As for dreams I CAN share, I often have shark related nightmares... I honestly don't remember much, except I had just finished watching JAWS. :( I know dreams can't hurt, but this is almost nightly...


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I had a dream that I was playing with my high school band and being berated for not practicing. It was horrifying!


The reason I'm awake is because of a nightmare... ugh, zombies? I've never watched ANY zombie movies or shows, not even the walking dead.


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I don't have much dreams I can remember lately. But when I do they are quite vivid and bizarre.

-I once had a dream where I was in a floodeed cellar arranging severed heads on a clothesline, while my father played "Tower of Hanoi" with some old car tires in the adjacent room.

-In another dream I saw my mother living in a camp trailer in front of our house. She told me that she was hiding from the spirits of genocide. Then her Trailer was blown up by a rocker gang. But no one in our family cared that she died. My father and brother did a BBQ party in our garden and invited the rocker gang to it.

-In another one I was lead down into a catacomb by a guide that looked like Geronimo Goyathlay. He lead me down deeper and deeper past several old Bones that where made into furniture. He told me that these where the bones of plage victims. Then he lead me to a chamber deep underground. There only was a single item here. It was a figurine of two mating horses, that seemed to be carved from bone aswell. Then he told me to swollow it, because it would be the only way to bring back the lost things.

Well may be it's not so bad that I rarely remember my dreams.

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In a recurring dream I have I’m a mother to four wonderful children and a proud and loving husband, it’s a nice pleasa- BAM! I’m in a small room that looks like it was designed by David Finscher. Cinderblock walls painted a sickly institution green, rusty pipes with condensation overhead along with harsh fluorescent lights that buzz and flicker. The only furniture other than the tiny, thin-mattressed bed I’m strapped to is a tiny metal desk and chair affixed to the wall and floor. A single tiny window high above covered by a metal grate. There’s a very secure metal door. -BAM! I’m cooking supper for the kids, husband is putting away the groceries, my daughter helping me. The sounds of cartoons from the family room, my spouse leans in for a ki -BAM! I’m surrounded by doctors who talk as if I weren’t there, but I can’t make out what they’re saying just words here and there I lose track of. I’m strapped down, can’t move. The lighting makes it hard to see more than disfigured and warped vaguely human shapes. One leans in, wearing a doctor’s white smock. He has a needle held in his hand. He takes my ar- BAM! My husband pats my hand telling me this is reality always has been. I’ve never had a reason to be institutionalized. My eldest son comes in, home from practice I turn my hea -BAM! A doctor sits in the chair, faces me, a leather clipboard on his lap that he writes in. I try to tell him but I have troubles
“ I’m not, I, This, isn’t, not..real. There’s, where...” the doctor sternly but kindly reminds me that this is my reality I am actually here and I never had any kids or got married. He mutters something about increased dosage. There’s no method of keeping time other than light through the window. I have no idea how long I’ve been -BAM!
(And just back and forth like this each side saying that they’re the reality and I just wind up just lost, confused, and disoriented, it’s just this endlessly looping bad dream.)

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The other dream I have is I go to The Louvre only it’s been made into this giant roller coaster that you stand up sideways in. All the art is alongside the track just past arms length and you go shooting by in your car all the art is just a blur. Tinny speakers by each painting or sculpture no more than a doplar effect of speech-like sounds. And if you can answer some questions about the art you just saw, they’ll let you off, if not, around again you go.

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A laughable and absurd Hana-Barbera induced dream is, well, you know how in those cartoons sometimes the characters would break into a song when things got bad? That what this world wad like only there was an element of realism as well. Didn’t matter if your house was burning down or you were having a heart attack the firefighters and doctors or whoever was needed for whatever situation would just break out drum kits and guitars from nowhere and start jamming. Which did absolutely jack-shit to actually stop the problem. You could point out what should be an obvious and better solution. “Look! You brought the truck! You have hoses! There’s a fire hydrant right there!” But they’d just give you a confused look and assure you they had it all it all under control.