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I want to make a head


A baby
So, I have never made a fursuit head and I have looked at a few tutorials. I understand the basics of what I need to do but I was wondering how I should go about translating my fursona's eyes into physical form. (You can see a few pictures of him here.)
Would buckram work? Just put it in and not paint it?
How do I make sure the eyes are distinctly different from the white of the rest of the character?
Also is there a particular base that will work best for my character? Should I make it myself or get a premade base?

Attacthed file artwork is by quackadopts on DA


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I would guess just to paint the buckram with a white sharpie/paint pen. Also, For beginners I suggest to make it easier, buying a premade base. Im a kind of beginner and I make my own bases, Still struggling with the giant forehead problem on my third suit.( LOL! ).