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I want to practice on your characters~


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I want practice a little on some non-human characters so I'll put this thread up to give me some things to choose from ^^ I'm rather new to this ><
I still haven't figured out how to draw animal-like features lol but that's why you guys are my guinea pigs
This is not first come first serve, I will pick and choose. I'll draw SFW and whatever I feel like, could be headshots, sketches etc

Make sure you have either a clear description or a LINK to a reference image if you have one, I don't want to have to search for it thanks. I prefer image refs but not to say I won't pick text descriptions.

Feel free to repost if I give you something, just let me know and credit me please xD

Edit: Just a note to please keep all requests to the thread rather than messaging me, I feel awful turning you guys down ;_;
Also, would be great if you didn't use your avatar as the ref, that's just tiny ;_;;
If you have a text description only, don't just give me colours, let me know what you want your main colour, markings etc. however, if you really don't know and want me to do whatever with them then say so :)
Thanks again for the lovely comments!
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If you want to do a headshot from my avatar feel free (maybe a different view of his head or something lol..)


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Ahh Sylph is super cute!

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Sergals are pretty challenging. They're not like the general canine face you do for wolves, foxes, hyenas etc..
I'll throw in mine for a practice dummy if you feel like drawing sergals. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7289541/
Thanks for looking, and that's a nice drawing!

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Hi, put my name down please. Can you draw from a description? Here it is:

As music is a big part of my life, I am looking for a musical Fox.

-Looks: A Red Fox covered in musical notes and looks relaxed.
-Instrument: Plays a guitar.

And that's pretty much about it. I know it ain't much to go by - but I like to leave the rest up to the imagine of the artist. I am sure whatever the outcome, I will be happy with it, and If I am not, well, it's free so tough luck, right?



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I want to practice on your characters~
Oh murr bby.
You can practice on me any day of the week.

(my way of saying sure, if you want. Thanks if you do, and thanks for generosity for doing freeart for people even if you don't. I like your art btw, fabulous. Also, I don't really need any art done so I'd rather you do the other lovely folks here)

Disclaimer: Wither is a dumbass and is not a good representative of Furries or this wonderful awful normal forum. If you find this person to be disturbing then blame Mentova :V (no don't. Menty will eat my face :c)
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Thankyou for all the lovely comments everyone ^^
Edit: sorry, I am a little new here. Does this count as a bump rather than just talking since it doesn't have any new artwork in it? I'll leave it up just so I know for now if it is ><
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Gotta lend my voice to the chorus, those are some lovely sketches, full of character.



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I'm new on here and to the community and I haven't had any art done. If you are up for a challenge, I'd love to see your interpretation of a wolf/fox hybrid with a shock of white hair on head ( hence snowlock). My colors are black, white & orange/red. If you aren't up for it, that's cool but I really think your art is beautiful and I'd love your help!