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I want to practice sketching headshots [paused until I finish these]


Hi! I would love to practice expressions by sketching your sonas and OCs! I'm trying to figure out my way of drawing anthros, but I myself don't have many OC, and anthropomorphizing random animals turned out to be kinda boring. I don't even yet have an example to post (well, I drew the pumpkin sketch on my icon, but it ain't exactly a face :)), so whoever dares be first shall have to risk it and see for themself...

It'll be just head-to-shoulder sketches, as what I want to learn is the structure of the head, expressions, stuff like that, rather than line-art or coloring, but I'll make them at least a bit presentable!

Please, comment with your character sheet (or any pic where your sona's/OC's head is visible ;)) and, if you wanna, an expression/general mood you'd like me to go for. All species welcome!

I'm afraid I can't promise to draw every single commenter's request, but I can promise to try my best. Send away! :)

(It's late where I am, so I'm actually going to sleep right now, but once I wake up I'll start working on the pics!)

UPD: made a list so folks could see where I'm/they're at rn (I'm just gonna go in chronological order)! Thank you all for the opportunity!
  1. Infrarednexus
  2. Sapphire-Wolf
  3. FoxyForest
  4. julievee
  5. Clippit
  6. mareenaicefin
  7. SashaBengal
  8. MidnightDragon
  9. Mother Anubis
  10. Damian Voidscale
  11. GummyDogz
  12. Fowler Wolf
  13. Belladonna_Mandrake
  14. katalistik
  15. Felis Panthera
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Could you draw me with a smirk on my face and one eyebrow raised? Could you also make sure to get the horns right as well as the markings?




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Cool I'll throw my little falconry birb into the hat. ^^

Maybe a super angry screech face?

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I have three charries you can practice with if you like...

My main, Sasha - www.furaffinity.net: Sasha Reference Art by SashaBengal
She is a baroness, and is usually calm and collected. She has a benevolent, regal smile that is always ready to turn into a full grin and/or laugh. However, if she gets really mad or angry at something or someone, watch out! Her fangs will remind you of the predatory tiger she is.

My newest charrie - www.furaffinity.net: New OC! by SashaBengal
Currently unnamed, and will be turning into an anthro charrie soonish, but she tends to be aloof. Pleasant towards friends and people she knows, but suspicious of strangers, and cautious.

Tigerlily - www.furaffinity.net: Tigerlily (Adopted from RoseyTheArtist) by SashaBengal
Very happy and easygoing Tiger-Dragon hybrid, if a bit naive.


You could try my character Deathless! I wish you luck on your practicing and just remember that making mistakes is perfectly fine!


Could you draw me with a smirk on my face and one eyebrow raised? Could you also make sure to get the horns right as well as the markings?



Thanks for letting me draw you! It was fun :) I do hope I got the marking and horns right, and if not, I can touch it up a bit. Is it okay if I post it to my gallery?
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Heya! If you ever get a chance, I would appreciate a quick draw of my character Rineira! Maybe smiling with a cheerful expresson : D
Thank yoooooou!


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