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I went to a pride parade in my suit/head and here are some cute/cool things that happened:


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  1. Got quite a few compliments on how cute she is
  2. Got a free drink because the barista liked her
  3. Had several children approach me with absolute joy and excitement on their faces and ask to pet my head or hug me which was very adorable
  4. Made a few friends
  5. Got a few honks from cars passing by
  6. Got shit on by a bird but it somehow JUST missed my head and instead only got on my shirt which is fine
  7. Had a lot of fun! (God that sounds so cringe lol)


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That is [AMAZING!] Good for you.

(saying kind stuff sounds weird during horrid shifts but whatever lol)


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Glad Pride was fun, Just!

I had a really nice time at all of the Pride events I attended this year, too. Had a lot of really nice conversations with people about a broad range of topics, and everybody seemed really pleased and excited to see me.