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I would like a hand with a drawing of mine

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Okay so here is a drawing I did a little ago, http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5982489/ I got some of the things how I want them more or less, like the Mac-10 and the molotov, but some things like his head just seem off. So any advice? And yes this really is the first time I have drawn a person.


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everything is "off". Perspective, anatomy, cloth behavior, proportions, ... and photography. You need to start from the basics and do some anatomy studying.


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Well as long as you're drawing it's a better start than not drawing. You might want to get some books on the basics there's a thread with quite a few recommended books.


However, getting books or reading is part of the issue.

You need to practice and do the exercises, and READ what the books are telling you.
In addition keep drawing what tickles your fancy but also do the exercises. That way you balance out what you need to learn and keeping imaginative at the same time.


Check out Arshes Nei's link and look especially at "Drawing on the Right side of the Brain" in the OP. It's got some great projects for a beginning artist to work with. At this point, I think you need to build some basics and then we might help you later if you get stuck. With a little effort on your part, I think you can improve without much help needed from us directly. Keep drawing-- you'll get it, but it's a long road and takes time and dedication. It WILL NOT happen overnight.