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Request: Iberian Lynx Headshot


Lamenting Lynx
Salutations. It is my first time doing a request on this sub-forum, and as such I'll keep it concise and clear. Info about me can be found on my profile. Recently for various reasons, I changed my species to that of an Iberian lynx (long tufts as well as ear tufts). My character is a formal feline; cold, cynical, and very introspective. It is common to see him with a pensive face as he deeply reflects on his life and humanity as a whole. He is kind however, and deeply considerate.
Reference Sheet - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42709729/

Unfortunately with the recent ref and headshots, I was too indecisive or I didn't notice something that needed correcting until after they were completed. With quite a bit of money and the slight dissatisfaction due to me, I've been looking and stressing for a headshot, one that pays respect to the realistic look of a lynx. The ears and tufts especially. I will not be picky of the expression, instead trusting with artistic freedom based on the above info. I kindly want to stress the ears and tufts, with a goal of satisfaction and for someone to recognize "That's a lynx." upon first glance. I'd even be fine with the facial design being altered somewhat for the sake of species realism. (minor changes like cutting the hair covering his blind eye just so the tufts can pop out more, drawing the tufts as natural parts of the face rather than appearing to be "glued/added on", etc)

Some photos to help as well:

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Saving the Iberian lynx | The European Nature Trust

Just like the elusive nature of the lynx itself, Iberian lynx conservation doesn’t reach headlines all that often. But following last year’s television series “Seven Worlds, One Planet” with a feature on European wildlife, lynx conservation was brought to the attention of 7 million viewers. The...

Apologies as this stretched beyond the confines of "brief" or "clear." If interested, please let me know. Stay safe, and thank you greatly for the opportunity. Needless to say, this is quite meaningful to me.


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Lamenting Lynx
Just a question, so that nobody get mislead. If your first post is waiting for approval, I guess you're willing to pay for this?
I made this post about a day ago and according to a kind artist, it was in approval status after it had already been approved. I don't quite know how they go about these posts, or if I made my thread too long, etc.

I can pay if need be, but it'll be a few days or so as I'm currently moving out along with other things.