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Mama Memester
$7 for regular sized, melty or regular, and $15 for a fullbody / scooped ice creams ! Working on more examples of those as well !

- Paypal, invoice only.
-Usually done in 24-48 hours, max five days but generally done quickly.
- I send progress shots at sketch, base color and full color ! Most edits are free as long as they're within reason !

Link here since file is too big with masterpost -> www.furaffinity.net: Ice Cream YCH Master Post $7-$15 by K.K_Sempai it is SFW

I'll be leaving examples though so you can check out the style, but master post has all finished ones ! \

Feel free to message me on my FA, with the link, or my Instagram KrissySempaiArt, or Furry Amino under the same name as I am more active in those places ! I do check FA every few days at most, at least once a day .


  • Bento Ice Cream Commission.png
    Bento Ice Cream Commission.png
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  • kohaku bun boi ych ice cream 2.png
    kohaku bun boi ych ice cream 2.png
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  • Remie Sheep Ice Pop.png
    Remie Sheep Ice Pop.png
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  • riko ice cream commission.png
    riko ice cream commission.png
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  • gal ice cream commission.png
    gal ice cream commission.png
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  • whitefeet commission.png
    whitefeet commission.png
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