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Icon algorithm?


New Member
Could someone write a very simple description of how FurAffinity's icon generator works?

The problem is that when I submit my own PNG icons that are sized properly and generally less than 1K, FurAffinity still makes JPG versions of them, which look awful and end up being much larger than the files I submit. Most of the time it works, but every now and then I get one icon that is extremely stubborn.

I crunch all my PNG icons with PngOUT, so they don't have extra tag information.


Thumbnails are either routed through gd or imagemagick by the system and the system has broken/fixed itself through various programmer changes. The current system is like this:

* Submission thumbnails are converted to JPG. In the past, other file formats for the thumbnail were acceptable but not anymore. Upon submission, your file is generated into a thumbnail, unless the thumbnail is explicitly specified -- then the thumbnail instead is what is put through the generator (thus losing quality argh)

* PNG files without submissions currently are working but used to screw up in the past. The thumb they generate currently is a JPG.

* Old submissions retain the old thumbnail format. This includes PNG files with broken thumbnails (sometimes they were broken and sometimes they simply didn't generate), and music or sprite submissions with GIF thumbnails.

Sorry, but I don't have much information on how the thumbnailer works with GIF files, only png......