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(Commission) Selling: Icon/bust commissions for $7 !


Hey! I'm happy to announce I'm opening commissions! The money I earn with them will be spent in helping my mom with the house since I'm unemployed,
- I will draw: furry (any species), human, canon characters, OCs. I can try NSFW.
- I won't draw: mecha, things that make me uncomfortable, very detailed backgrounds.

Payment will be made via Paypal after I show you the sketch and you are happy with it :3
If you have a question, I will be very happy to answer it!

These are my examples, though you can check more of my art in my FA furaffinity.net/user/sanaclae/.


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Artist in the work
You have a discord? I might be interested. If so reach me at NovaTheLucario#6590