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Hello! My name is Dante/Kitty, and I'm currently having a sale on icons!!!~

Sketchy ones like these are just $10*:


Completed ones like these are only $15*:


And, for just $5 extra, I will record my process, set it to music of your choice,
and upload it to my Youtube channel as a speedpaint!

[*Please note that Paypal takes a small protion of my profits, so I will tack on a little extra to balance it out. Sort of like a sales tax, really. :'D]

~Note me to claim one: Userpage of kittyskeleton -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
~There are infinite slots for now.
~I can draw any species, including humans. I can also do joined/chain icons.
~Gore is fine, and so are mecha/complicated designs! NSFW expressions are also okay, but no actual nudity, please. :')
~Paypal only!
~Tips, while not necessary, are very much appreciated!
~I cannot provide a refund after the drawing is completed. If you change your mind about commissioning me before I start your drawing, message me, and I'll take you off my queue and refund your money.
~If there is a specific day you need it done by, please let me know!
~You can repost it when it's done, but you MUST link back to my page!

species/gender (just in case it isn't obvious to me at first sight):
type of icon (sketchy, completed, etc.):

expression, background, etc.:
speedpaint music (if applicable):
paypal email:
other info: