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Icon trade!~


*squeak squeak squeak*
So I just finished my first icon commission which also happened to be my first icon that wasn't just a shrunken version of something I had already done.
And I decided that I want to make more icons! I was almost gonna make one for myself, but then I realized that I could do a trade and that would be a lot more fun.
So here I am!

I want an icon of my fursona, Kaluna Ringtail.
Her design is not fully worked out yet but here is all current art I have of her:

If you're interested post here with some links to your art or gallery, and a ref of the character you'd want the icon for.

Here are some examples of the style I'll be using for this:

I'm also open to other trades for art, so feel free to ask if an icon is not what you want.