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Icons/avatars for New furs


Hyperactive Bunnyfox
Special offer for new furries ^_^ If your without an avatar, And need one of your character, Gimme a description.

Note.... I will not pay attention to it if you dont post THIS form filled out

Color scheme:
Eye color:

And i'll draw a 150x150 icon PERFECTLY SIZED for the forums ^^

1: shenzebo
2: ferral caine
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Can I grab a spot for my mom if she joins the forums?

If not (since I'm always on anyway) that's cool too, I'll make her one. :3


Name: Not sure on this yet >.>
Species: Red Panda
Color scheme: Normal red panda color scheme, long brown hair
Eye color: Blue

Thanks for considering, bro :3

Ferral Caine

Dog Day Afternoon
Name: Rex
Species: German Shepherd
Color scheme: regular Gshep colours :3
Eye color: yellow

hope youll consider! <3


Hyperactive Bunnyfox
Name: Rex
Species: German Shepherd
Color scheme: regular Gshep colours :3
Eye color: yellow

hope youll consider! <3
Here you go.. Click full view.. And then save that small image. Its 150x150 fit for the forums ^_^
ANDDDDD the full size one, for you ^_^


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I think this is a nice thread, Shukie.


The Facebreaker
Hey, can I get something a little bit complicated if I provide Wikipedia links, pretty please?

Name: Shanx
Species: Red Fox, Chicken, Japanese Serow; Chimaera
Color scheme: black and white fur, pale yellow beak
Eye color: Green. If this applies, my right eye is lazy.

The complicated part is that I have to go and describe all the animal parts. Basically a chicken head with bushy serow fur instead of feathers, no cockscomb or other fleshy chicken parts, and fox canines poking down out of the beak. Also, serow horns.

One last thing: Non-anthro, please.


Name: ziK
Species: otter
Color scheme: cerulean coat, light blue chest etc.
Eye color: green

thank you very much ^^
could you do one of my Boy Friend?

Name: Dex
Species:Arctic Wolf
Color scheme:white with neon green markings on his face
Eye color:green

here is a picture to help
---> http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3151589/
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Nice! Think you could try and do one for me please? o:

Name: Zeo
Species: Red Fox
Color scheme: Substitute the orange for dark grey xD Also has medium length shaggy auburn hair if you want to take a stab at that d:
Eye color: Green

Thanks for your time and this is nice of you o:


Who wants pancakes? : D
I don't know if I qualify.. I've had my account for a while sicne I was linked to a pic and I couldn't see it unless I joined. But then I left and didn't come back until fairly recently.
I will understand if I'm not new enough to qualify, your art is just sooo cute that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have one of my fur. Your style reminds me of the art that got me into furry in the first place. :)

Name: Niny
Species: Jackalope (Basically a omnivorous rabbit with horns)
Color scheme: Pink hair, peach, white, brown. You can use my avatar for a reference or this for a reff: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2867923/
Eye color: Teal
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