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Icons, Badges, Full Bodied Characters!



So, I've got some time in my hands and not a lot of inspiration at the moment, so why don't I spend it on working on something for you? I can do badges, icons and more, all depending on your taste!




Full commission prices here:

Commission Info for DarkWolfNana -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

SFW and NSFW are available, but there are some limits as to what I will do. Here's my TOS:
  • I hold ownership rights to the piece until a surrender of rights fee of $100 is paid. You still have the rights to the characters in the piece, but the artwork is still mine.
  • Payment plans can be made through the stages of drawing, with a down payment of sketch fee being 10% of final cost
  • I will note you drawing updates regularly, with the final piece coming no later than 2 weeks within ordering
  • If I must for whatever reason take longer than 2 weeks, I will notify you and offer a partial refund of 30%
  • Paypal payments only, I will invoice you rather than you send the money directly to me
  • I have the right to refuse a specific fetish/scene that the client may request.
  • In order to commission me, you must note me first
  • Detailed reference sheet must be presented. If creating character from scratch, please be as detailed as possible in your description
  • Specific animals may be refused, though is extremely rare to do so
  • At this time, prices can be negotiated. I'm still trying to figure out my price point @.@
In specifics of what I WON'T do, here's a basic list:

Diapers, scat, urine
Fart fetish
Extreme torture situations
Rape scenes
Death during intimacy (excludes vore)

That should be about it.... Any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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