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Lazy Cat

Hello, and welcome to Valen's Commissions!
These are both SFW and NSFW commissions :p
Please remember that you can check out more art examples over at my FA, Tumblr, and Twitter!

What I can draw:
-Animals (feral, semi-feral, anthro)
-Fantasy animals , monsters, and creatures
-Pokémon and other similar creatures
-Scenery and backgrounds
-Sets of stills
-On what kinks I'm willing to draw, please ask!

You can contact me through any of these means to commission art from me:
E-mail: valtvdc@hotmail.com (Preferred contact media)
FurAffinity: furaffinity.com/user/ValensArtDen (Preferred contact media)
Twitter: @ValensArtPics (PMs exclusively)
Tumblr: ValensArtDen.tumblr.com (PMs exclusively)

You can read my ToS here
(it's way too long for the thread - please read it before commissioning me. By commissioning me you accept my ToS).



Icons said:
*All icons come in sizes between 500x500 and 750x750. Please ask about other sizes.*
*Please ask about special couple discounts regarding icon sets!*
Simple icons:
Base price: $15
Icons with lineart, plain coloring (with an optional color gradient), and simple background.
Complex icons:
Base price: $25
Icons with optional lineart, colored and shaded in a painterly style, with a simple background.


Badges said:
*Cartoony and wacky badges of your character or fursona! Ideal for printing and laminating*
*Default transparent background, can include different background with no extra charge*
Simple badges:
Base price: $15
Badges with thick, black lineart, and plain coloring. Can include character's name at no extra cost.
Complex badges:
Base price: $20
Badges with thick, black lineart, plain coloring, and a lighter color gradient. Includes the character's name and one of their props.


Sketches said:
*Quick and simple drawings of your character, yet still in a nice style*
Base price: $20
+$10 per extra character
Sketches with no background elements, though can include objects such as beds, bottles, etc. Non-detailed lineart, and pencil-done shading or cell-shaded. The client chooses the lineart color and the background color. Can have very light lighting with no extra charge.


Reference sheets said:
Reference sheets
*Reference sheets for your pre-existing characters if you want to update them, or just want to create a new character altogether!*
*I highly reccommend, if you're creating a new character altogether, at least downloading TexasCoyote's generic canine base as to show me what colors you'd like me to use, and where the markings should be. Just coloring with the bucket tool and your mouse in MSPaint is more than enough*
Simple ref sheet:
Base price: $25
Includes two angles (3/4 front and 3/4 back, or full front and full back) color palette, and name graphic.
Complex ref sheets:
Base price: $45
Includes three angles, zoom on details, color palette, and name graphic.


Waist-up said:
Waist-up drawings
*Drawings of your character from the waist up, as simple as that, no matter where there waist even is*
Simple drawings:
Base price: $35
Lineart with detail, plain coloring (with an optional color gradient), and plain background (with an optional color gradient).
+$15 per extra character
+$15 complex background
Complex drawing:
Painterly-colored drawing with optional lineart, and plain background (with an optional color gradient)
+$15 per extra character
+$15 complex background


Full-body said:
Full-body drawings
*Drawings that feature your whole character doing a thing*
Simple drawings:
Base price: $40
Detailed lineart (with optional color gradient), plain coloring (with optional color gradient), optional cell-shading. The background can be a single color, a color gradient, or a simple scenario.
+$15 per extra character
+$20 for complex background
Complex drawings:
Base price: $75
Painterly-colored and shaded, with optional lineart, and a simple-scenario background.
+$20 per extra character
+$25 for complex background


Fursonafied photos said:
Fursonafied photos
*A very unique piee of art for your character! All you have to do is send me a picture of yourself (or of someone else, or you with someone else, etc) and I'll redraw it as to include your fursona or preferred character there!*
*Please do not censor your face when sending the picture, as to not block the background or your expression and come up with a more pleasant result*
Base price: $65
The price is heavily dependant on what the picture is like, so please PM me to ask!


Plush animal pillow YCH said:
Plush animal pillow YCH
*Endless slots for these! Have your character turned into a cute pillow! Any species!
$5 flat, +$2 if the design is complex

Thank you for your time! I will be offering more commission types in the future!
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