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Icons, Moodsets, Bookmarks


Normal Icons - $5. Example One, Two, Three
Lineless Icons - $15. Example One, Two

Beans/Chibi's - Flat color = $6. Shaded = $9
Examples Nine

Extreme Close-Up Bookmarks - $10 (sturdy laminate, free shipping)
Examples One, Two, Three

Moodsets. 25 icons = $12. 50 icons = $20.
Examples One, Two, Three, Four
For sets of 25, you may choose from the list of 50 what moods you want in your set.

All $$ received will be placed in the Rudy* Fund.

*My dwarf rabbit who has malocclusion bad enough that, unfortunetaly, he'll not be able to keep his teeth down on his own and requires annual trimmings.