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Icons, Refs, Design, etc - Cozycat Base Commissions


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Hello there! I bought the 2015 Cozycat bundle a while ago and have created a price sheet for what i will offer using them!

I will create designs for these as well as color existing characters in. I can, in fact, make extra things to add on(hair, tails, wings, etc) so dont be afraid to have this huge idea for some things to add.


keyoto-thefox.deviantart.com: CozyCat Bases - Prices! : D

Plus here are two examples! Both designs were created by me and it shows the shading style i would be using(i may experiment a bit):


If you are interested, i would love for you to fill one of these out and message me either here, deviantart(Keyoto-TheFox) or on FA(-Keyoto-Kyutoma-):

Existing Character:

Base You Want:
Current Reference:
Body Type: (This is for only if it is kinda vague in current ref or you want somethign different)
Personality: (Helps with facial expression)

Custom Design:

Base You Want:
Sex: (If neutral, I will use the male body type)
Body Type: (This includes chest size for females. They can be pretty average or chub. If super skinny, this would be included as an add-on.)
Creature Type: (You can say something as specific as "African Wild Dog," and vague as "Feline," or give some suggestions. If you are unsure, please tell me what kind of animals you do and don't like.)
Personality: (This helps me choose an expression.)
Color Palette: (You may give me as many as 5 different color palettes. Please tell me if I am allowed to add colors that I feel fit.)
Design Examples: (Please send me a couple of designs you absolutely love. These can be characters you own or characters who are owned by other people. This is just for inspiration. I will not copy any of them.)
Do-s and Don't-s: (This is where you can tell me what kinds of patterns you love and hate, what colors you would hate I add, what accessories you love and hate, etc. Whatever can help me make a good design. The more information you give, the better.)
Any other Info:

Thank you for your time!