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Hey there folks!

So I'm looking to get back into digital art. And I wanted to get some practice in and work on building my gallery with new things.

So to do that I wanted to offer some icons! If you're interested please let me know. Sadly I don't have any reccent samples of art but hopefully that will change soon!

If you're looking to get an icon can you please fill out the following info and send it to me :3

FA Username:
Character name:

Character species:
Reference sheet/image of the character:
A bit about the character's personality:

Anything else I need to know:


Icon slots:

1. GigaBit

Waiting List
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FA Username: thecaninelife
Character name: Philip

Character species: Wolfdog
A bit about the character's personality: Shy, timid but loving and affectionate


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Damian Voidscale

Fallax splendorem suum
FA Username: voidebuilder
Character name: Fal

Character species: Viperfish
Reference sheet/image of the character:
Fal finished FINAL.png Fal headshot.png

A bit about the character's personality: surprisingly friendly despite his appearance. Pretty outgoing, but awkward. Likes to deliberately scare people because of how he looks, but only with the intention of scaring them and acting creepy. He's pretty apologetic about that though.

Anything else I need to know: Not too much to say here. One thing I feel the need to mention is that you can ignore the green design on the right of the head reference. that's not too important at the moment. You can make him look scary, but try your best not to make him look too menacing if you can. Oh yeah, and take note of those pattern around his eyes. also, no lips, the teeth are just kinda part of the jaw. They're also slightly transparent, but that's not too important either.
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FA Username: Sunburst_Odell
Character name: Sunburst

Character species: Cat
Reference sheet/image of the character:

A bit about the character's personality: He's a silly, outgoing, and caring person that puts out an image that he's laid-back and carefree(when he's really not)

Anything else I need to know: Just be sure to follow his drawing notes on his ref ^^


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If your still looking:

FA Username: Userpage of JulieVee -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Character name: Ingot

Character species: Dwarven Ibex
Reference sheet/image of the character: Gallery
A bit about the character's personality: Always stern or seems annoyed with the world. A grumpy goat.


FA Username: JazzMina
Character name: JazzMina
Character species: Bat
Reference sheet/image of the character:here
A bit about the character's personality: Shy and has no filter on what she says once she gets talking
Anything else I need to know: She has her tongue pierced and has little fangs


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FA Username: Danje (Denji was not available)
Character name: Denji

Character species: Dragon
Reference sheet/image of the character:



^ A bit less feral is preferable.
V Clothing


A bit about the character's personality:
His name is Denji and is a gay male, he's not really good at socializing but he tries. When he's with his friends he is way louder and wilder than otherwise, and is seen almost seen as another person. Although he tries to distances himself when alone, he is often lost in his thoughts and as such is very patient and calm. (Poorly written and rushed bio, will work on it someday!)

I'd summarize him as calm and collected, but on the inside he thinks a lot. Much of his tragedies and accomplishments he downplays or flatout doesn't talk about.

Anything else I need to know: The spikes on his head split into 2 past the ears, and stop a bit behind them, a lot of people get this wrong!

Some artists don't understand what I mean by lip-spikes (it is pretty vague) but check the colorful 2D headshot and you'll probably understand!

I have the full reference text and images in my profile under "Information" and please PM me if you're unsure about anything!