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I'd like to get my fursona redrawn. I don't know how.

I've always used Wyndbain's wolf maker on deviantart to make the various forms of my fursona, but now that i'm actually transferring her into a fursuit, i need to find a way to get her drawn in anthro form. Something semi-realistic and not overly toony. Problem is, I can only draw wolf wolves, not anthros. Can anybody help me pkease? :3


Your best bet would be to toss some money to someone (ahem ;) ) to get them to draw it to your specifications, otherwise you might not get the right details that you want. There's a section of the forum where you can post if you're hiring. There's also a section for requests.

Otherwise, I say pick up your pen and start practicing. you don't get better at things you aren't good at by avoiding them! There's some great tutorials and tips in the forums about how to draw anthros as well. Honestly, half the difficulty is getting the face right (In my opinion) so if you can already draw the wolf face the way you like, you're mostly there!

Aside from that, I know some artists are able to draw from feral form, so unless the suiter you plan to commission has already said otherwise, so long as you can show any and all details and markings easily, you might be able to still give them a feral fox drawing rather than an anthro one :)

Good luck!


Hit 'em right between the eyes
Please be advised, it is against the Art Exchange rules to request a reference sheet for a fursuit.
I know I read the rules :3 I just want a free drawing of my fursona if at any way possible.


Lady Sloth
Buy a ref sheet. There's folks out there that really undercharge, if you're lookin' for something cheap.


Thinkin bout werewolves
Then you don't need it.

Like Tica said, there are plenty of artists who undercharge for ref sheets as it is, and if you can't afford $10 or $15 for a way underpriced ref, then you obviously have more important financial concern that need to be focused on.

As an artist, I'm not going to spend somewhere between four to eight hours drawing something for a stranger for free since I could be working on drawing my own characters for fun--and that's the case for most artists. Art takes time and effort, and not only are you paying for time and materials (ie tablet and software if not traditional materials) you're also paying me for the years of practice and study to be able to do a skill you don't possess.


Okay you can afford a 100-2000+ $ fursuit(those are the price ranges I've seen) and you can't afford 10 dollars for a ref?

I only had 100$ and thats how much my fursuit WIP cost so dont be rude. I got a free drawing done so Im good. ^_^