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I'd like to paint someone.


Dream a little dream of me..
I'd like to draw/paint an organised, well-put together anthro fursona. I'll be doing a few because I'd like to have examples for a shop I might set up.

Post whatcha got, and if I feel like drawing/painting it, I will send it to you when it's finished. ^_^

But, I'm a detail/semi-realism-freak, so make sure I can tell what eye color/s it has, and anything else that you think I might need to know, such as how much fluff it has on the inside of it's ears, or if it has hands or paws, etc. ^^

If you have adornments in your hair, you = win.
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Heh, well, I do admire your artwork. I completely fail at any form of painting so I'll give it a try. This is my primary fursona. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2683493/ The tan female is mine and of course, the markings make a challenge for most people. I just think she's fun to draw because she's unique in her combination. I know that one is hard to tell, but she does have light blue eyes.

If ya don't wanna do it just for fun....well, I'm not sure if you care for my drawing style, but I'd be willing to trade. ^.^
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The Black Kat


Hair is tied back samurai ponytail. His right eye is a feline's and is neon-green. The left eye, just brown. Black fur with silver tiger-stripes. I have very few ear fluff, rises only half up the ears. Anthro-Wolf's body, normal feet and normal hands. There's a scar on the lower back shaped like a katana, no fur grows on the scar. If you can, I'd like a sunset painting of him, looking back, like a killer looks back at his kill before moving on. Give him a hakama and a torn gi that's hanging off his right arm, just above the wrist and the rest just over his hakama, hanging from his sash at the waist, exposing his back, while his right hand holds a blood-dripping katana that's pointed down at an angle. i guess he'll have to hold a bloody wakizashi, pointed in the same manner, in his left hand so it doesn't look awkward for him looking over his right shoulder. and can you make the scar glow red? I've seen some painters do that before, but i have no idea how they do that. if you could do that, i would soooo love that. also, his ponytail, even though samurai style, is thin and long, down to the waist. Oh, i forgot, his hair's black as well, so i guess his fur more dark grey?

if you can't or don't want to, there is another i'd like to see of my mate.
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Lobo Roo

turtles natures suction cups
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Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.


Beer, Beer, BEER!
If you are a whore for detail and hair adornments let me introduce you to Aheria and my ref sheet. :)

Its in my sig, and she definately fits your bill <3

Thanks if you choose me!


i don't know if I qualify as detailed, but I'll put myself up ^^

Thank you,
Zhiral Koriuga.
I have a... fairly put-together character, I would think. ^^;

Fine, though it's shameless, I nominate my fur-self, Jess-Jess. D;


The bandanna isn't part of her design anymore, but the collar, the neckpuff, the spots on her shoulders, they've stayed. (I lost my bandanna last year which is why I had to take it off. I miss my 'danna ;3; ) But I am all for artistic liberties,

If you choose me, thank you so much ;3;


hey Bir, i would love you to draw me! i love your art (and your tails) and i can send you so much info on my character you don't even know. if you are at all interested in painting this cute Leopard please either post on here or pm me. whatever is better for you :3


Squirrely Gurly
I'll toss my name in, just to see. She's a wild squirrel, doesn't do much in the way of clothes. You can have her doing whatever, or whoever if you want. Ref in sig.


Burmecian extraordinaire.
I'm up for it. :3 I have my mate and me both. We're Burmecians, the race from FF9 if you aren't familiar. I can get some links in specifics if you're interested. If you want to take a look at my gallery, it's got a lot of pictures of us. Note me if you'd be interested. <3
Well I like to think I have a rather solid character
though she might be a little plain
I am a Gold dragoness with a purple stomach/chest and under my tail
my eyes are green
my hair is medium to long in length and brown
I am 4ft 11.5in tall and a little squishy
I love flying pickles and my hooman boyfriend
I am hyper and quite random and I say meep a lot
and I wear many different types of clothing so it does not really matter what you might put me in
though some of my favs are neon leggings and black t-shirts..and I love to put my hair up in a pony tail and wear a rainbow colored hair piece behind the hair tie it looks like this
anyway thank you for your consideration :3