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Request: I'd Really Appreciate Art Of Alys!


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Hey! I'd really appreciate art of my girl, Alys! She's a dragon of slim build. Clothing is optional, but please keep it sfw. Unfortunately, all I have is a description but it's fairly detailed and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Here's her description:

She's all black on the outside and glowing purple on the inside. She has lines on her sides that reveal her glowing purple muscle right underneath the skin. These lines are the same as the normal skin and scales but these lines are transparent. Her eyes will be mostly black with bits of purple faded in. When she gets angry, her glowing muscles and blood will glow brighter with an aggressive light. When she's happy or flustered, her glowing insides glow soothingly bright. When she cries, her tears also glow purple. She has one line (lines refer to the same description of lines on her sides) on each wing coming from her back all the way to her wingtips. There's a line from the back of her neck going all the way to the tip of her tail. Since her insides glow, when she opens her mouth, you can see that glowing. Her tongue is long and, guess what, also glows purple. Her talons and teeth are black like obsidian. If you get her angry enough, you can see the outlines of her bones because she'll glow so brightly. She has magic as well! She can secrete venom from her teeth and her blood is poisonous. She can also secrete toxic gases that only she can take away or cure. That's the same with her venom and poisonous blood, only she can cure the effects. She can control where the toxic gas goes, what shape it takes, what colour it is, and how thick/visible it is. She's very shy on the inside but she'll talk to people. She's very insecure about her glowing but also secretly likes it when she's alone and nobody could possibly make fun of her glowing. Since her glowing comes from emotions, she does her best not to feel anything too strongly around other people, preferring to store that feeling away until she's alone. She doesn't make friends easily because she always thinks people are privately making fun of her in their head. She's not good at trusting people but the people she does trust are only friends. It's hard to become her friend but once you do, she really opens up to you and gets a little less insecure about her glowing around you. She's also 5'6". She's also got a slim build with a lot of strength from with dragon heritage.