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Ideas for character arcs


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I'm writing a story where an investigator named Oliver is transformed over the course of two weeks.
I decided ahead of time that I wanted to write a slow-paced story exploring the consequences of a transformation in a realistic scenario.
I wanted to place a greater emphasis on how Oliver reacts and adapts to his transformation, not the transformation itself.

In order for the story to function this way, Oliver cannot be a one-dimensional character.
I decided that Oliver should be a slightly older guy who is experienced with magic and has worked with magic for a very long time as his job.

I had a few ideas for character arcs for Oliver in order to give the story and character more depth:
- Oliver thinks too highly of himself. When he realizes he can't stop the transformation, he realizes there's more to learn about magic and he's brought back down to earth.
- Oliver has lost his interest and appreciation for magic after investigating it for so long as his job. This is especially true since he constantly enforces safeguards to shield
him from the unpredictable effects of magic. When he can't stop the transformation and is forced to continue it, he regains his appreciation for magic. This one has great
thematic potential.
- Oliver is scared because he can't stop the transformation and he stresses out about it. He needs his work partner Dave to calm him down. I mean, it would be pretty
realistic. But, I'm a beginning writer, and I don't think I can tackle an arc this deep.
- Oliver has fallen into some bad habit over the years and the transformation helps him take the first steps out of it... somehow.
- I mean, there's the obvious "Oliver hates his transformation but grows to love it"... but it's too cliché. It also doesn't make sense for a character who has been transformed
several times and hates it, and a world where transformation is painful.
- There's also the obvious "Oliver becomes addicted to the magic that transforms him." mmm... too fetish-y.

Those were my ideas.
Do you guys have any more?


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There's always the choice of redemption through death, going mad, becoming the villain, leaving a legacy, or rebirth : )