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Idiot things that people have fought about


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99% of the things that siblings fight over tend to be hilariously dumb. My friend in high school got into a fight with her sister because they couldn't decided weather the teddy bear looked better on the shelf of the bed and it broke out into a screaming match. Bigger sister got drunk and ran outside in the middle of the night while it stormed and their mom had to go find her. I dunno man.

2 brothers I babysat for got into a fist fight over fried chicken, in their defense it was good chicken haha.

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I once fought a person online over what the proper name for what the classic purple vegetable was called.

The correct answer of course is eggplant, not...."aubergine" :mad:

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I personally think I don't even need to look at siblings for those. I got them pretty much everywhere, I suppose. Ow<

Still, to make it more 'fitting' to the thread... I saw my younger family members fighting over the fact that one of them "didn't play Genji(OW) the right way". Lmao!
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“Is a hot dog a sandwich”;”is a taco a sandwich” ; “is a bagle a sandwich” ;...

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I remember my brother and cousin arguing over what some lyrics in a song that was popular at the time was, one said it was ladidada and the other said it was dadidada. Can't remember who argued what for obvious reason


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My two younger sisters arguing over how to blame me for them spilling flour on the floor when we were kids.


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I got my first bloody nose in a fight with a friend over a bottle of Mountain Dew. I was around 10 at the time.


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One idiot tried to destroy this stadium in this Sonic OC tournament because he lost. This was long long long ago. I just think Sonamy/Sonally ship wars are dumb.


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99% of the things that siblings fight over tend to be hilariously dumb.
And it doesn't change too much when they grow up.

After my paternal grandmother died, all her 6 children, sticking together pretty well thus far, got into a big war about the inheritance. Which wasn't even anything worth it, just some scraps and bits of scattered farming plots and forest. It's all too bad, the atmosphere between them could have been really great earlier, but this situation has soured everything for over a decade and only recently there were some signs of improvement. At least not much of the conflict has trickled down to their children it turn, that is, my generation...

The fight was particularly heated about one sandy patch of ground on which nothing wanted to grow. But they were told that a highway will be built there, so the person owning the place would get a juicy compensation. Plot twist: the highway is really under construction currently, but on the opposite side of the village! So the one who won the fight remained with a useless ground piece that can be even hard to sell.

Edit: I didn't mean that they were physically fighting, but there was a lot of quarreling, angry phone calls, things like that, also so me administrative and legal trickery.

What kind of reverse psychology nonsense is this?!
But I can have it like this too! When denied something, I can get "offended" at the thing in question and start kind of hating it instead.
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Entire countries used to go to war over spices. For food and superstitious reasons. Spices!
I recall a very bloody conflict in pre-Renaissance Italy being fought for access to a salt mine
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I once fought a person online over what the proper name for what the classic purple vegetable was called.

The correct answer of course is eggplant, not...."aubergine" :mad:

Well now, in fairness, aubergine is the French word for eggplant... (I had a bilingual mate for a while and our shopping lists tended to be a curious mix of French names and English names for various foods, so I probably wouldn't even notice if someone called it aubergine instead of eggplant.)

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I frequently fight with people over what's better, tea or coffee. The clear answer is coffee.


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There's always "the war of the golden stool", a fun tale of idiocy and literally a war fought over a golden stool. (context is key)


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Hmm... My brother has a bit of an inflated Ego, and thinks he is the best at everything in the house hold. The things he claims to be the best at just keeps growing.

He has the best tush.
He's the most humble
He is the tallest
He has the best grades
Hes smarter than everybody else.
Hes the most imaginative.

All of which are lies xD