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Idiot things that people have fought about

Borophagus Metropolis

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Hmm... My brother has a bit of an inflated Ego, and thinks he is the best at everything in the house hold. The things he claims to be the best at just keeps growing.

He has the best tush.
He's the most humble
He is the tallest
He has the best grades
Hes smarter than everybody else.
Hes the most imaginative.

All of which are lies xD



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I've seen this so many times. I've never understood the need to fight over card games. Really? Card games? So cliche. Especially "Uno"!!!


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When someone cheats in a relationship, and both of their partners "fight" over them.

Seriously, if someone is scum enough to cheat, why would anyone still want them? Kick them to the curb.

Also, why fight over pineapple on pizza? It's wonderful! Love it with chicken, ham, bacon, onions, a sprinkle of cinnamon and almond slivers. . .


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Well now, in fairness, aubergine is the French word for eggplant... (I had a bilingual mate for a while and our shopping lists tended to be a curious mix of French names and English names for various foods, so I probably wouldn't even notice if someone called it aubergine instead of eggplant.)
I forgot to reply to this, sorry

Your right, just to clarify, we weren't being serious with our argument. We were just joking with each other. It's refreshing to know that not all arguments are fueled by anger, some are done to be humorous :p


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Not a fight I was involved in, other than being a witness to it: my brother's best friend decided to throw my brother through a wall just to see if he could.

He succeeded. Thankfully the wall wasn't built to code so it was only drywall and didn't have any structural beams or electrical wiring in it!

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When someone who knows nothing about a subject that I know a lot about tells me that something false about it is fact.

I.e. saying that Mike Myers didn't do Shrek's voice in the movie, Shrek. Instead saying it was... idk David Bowie or some stupid crap like that.

the sleepiest kitty

When someone cheats in a relationship, and both of their partners "fight" over them.

Seriously, if someone is scum enough to cheat, why would anyone still want them? Kick them to the curb.
Exactly. It shows that the cheater isn't really in love with them so why prolong it? I'd dump someone who cheated on me in a heartbeat.

the sleepiest kitty

Somebody literally argued with another person over diapers on this website. Considering the amount of petty shit people will start a scuffle with you for on here, it wasn't too surprising. :p
Wow what "babies" ;)

*ba dum tss*

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saw an argument yesterday between 2 people arguing how a clinically depressed person should die.
said person was right there next to them saying that they didn't actually want to die.
both of the people arguing were trying to in their own way stick up for the depressed person.
i'm not surprised they're depressed if that's what their friends think is helping.


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I remember an argument at work that one of the desk people had with a customer. What got the customer angry was the fact that we use slip leashes to take some of the nastier dogs outside. Apparently, this customer thinks they’re literally nooses for dogs.