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If an anthro-themed TCG existed, would you be interested in playing it?

Would you be interested in an anthro-themed TCG?

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Tea Drinker
I know that there's a large crossover between tabletop gaming and the furry community, and to my knowledge outside of Furoticon (lol) there's not been any furry/anthro focused trading card games.

So assuming that a TCG was launched that had interesting and well designed gameplay, and the artwork and lore/narrative behind it was heavily anthro/furry, would it be something you'd be interested in playing/buying?

We're assuming it's SFW btw :)

Judge Spear

Well-Known Member
I'd play as long as the art isn't awful and the archetypes are varied and cool in both look and playstyle.

Long as everything doesn't look like this, I'd be down.

Firuthi Dragovic

World Serpent, overly defensive
Not in the right venue to be playing TCGs anymore. I wasn't exactly that big into M:tG or the Pokemon card game as it is, I'd need a REALLY convincing group that wasn't just play-to-win in order to consider any TCGs at this point.


Well-Known Member
While I like the art that goes into them, I've never really felt a desire to play those games. Wouldn't expect that to change.


The Brutally Honest Man-Child
Some people might only buy it for the artwork featured on the card.
I personally wouldn't be interested in it, or playing it.
I wouldn't know how popular they are tbh. I've seen people start fundraisers to make them, but never hear about anyone ever actually buying/using them XD

Jackpot Raccuki

Mind your manors
I doubt a lot of people would play it.
I'm not saying they won't but the market I expect isn't as big.

HOWEVER I would believe people would love buying said cards purely for the artwork and such.